In our busy world, happiness isn’t always easy to come by. Everyone is looking for ways to get more enjoyment out of life. Here are five successful tips for living a happier life.

1) Positive Reflection

The first thing we need to implement to live a happier life is positive reflection. Get rid of the negativity in your life by dedicating a specific amount of time to reflect on the positive things. The best way is to wake up early and embrace the day. Instead of waking up to technology and television, spend some time to meditate and pray on the things that are positive in your life. Don’t look back with regrets but be positive. It is not a time to focus on critiques, although some may be necessary.

2) Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the second tip to living a happier life. It’s not about people, It’s about you. You use positive reinforcement during your positive reflection time. For me, I read the Bible for positive reinforcement. There are a lot of positive self-help books, but the Bible demonstrates society and how God transforms the mistakes of humans through his grace. Through my reading, I find things that are directly applicable to me. It’s important to find something that applies to your life until you break out of the funk and can rule out all negativity.

Sometimes when we mess up, we are our worst critic. Some form of positivity is important to reinforce the positivity in our lives. Looking at the examples in the Bible is refreshing and allows us to realize that God offers grace. We all mess up. We are human.

3) Positive nutrition

The third tip is positive nutrition. This tip is more than eating right, although that is a big part; it has to do with the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Be careful what you are putting into your body. It affects our mental and spiritual condition. Starting the day with coffee and caffeine can become toxic. Fill your body with vegetable and fruits and drink a lot of water. Help purify the toxins in your system. Fruits and vegetables help you maintain weight and are good for our skin and hair. Make working out a priority. Positive nutrition and Exercise will positively affect your mental state; your physical and mental condition has a big impact on your spirituality.

These three tips are the foundations to living a happier and more fulfilling life. The last two tips will be automatically implemented once the first three are done consistently.

4) Positive energy

Positive energy is the fourth tip. You create your own world. Your words and the people we associate ourselves with create positive or negative energy. This is also true in what we watch and listen to. Once we become aware of the power your words have, you will attract positive people. Positive energy attracts positive energy. Don’t speak negatives into your environment.

5) Positive encouragement

The last tip is impossible unless you have implemented the first four. It is positive encouragement. If you don’t see your value, it is impossible for you to give yourself or others positive encouragement. It comes once we connect with our inner-self. If we don’t become connected with our inner-self, it is impossible to be happy. Be intentional about the things you think on. Think on things that are noteworthy. Positive encouragement is being intentional about negating the negatives with the positives. God made you with value and self worth. Become aware and break through. Becoming aware is the first step to overcoming our things to live our destiny. Learn these techniques that will help you recognize how great you are. Believe you are great.

What are some ways you can be more positive in your life? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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