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We value chapel – joining together in praise and worship and listening to the Word. Tuesday through Friday, speakers from our campus and all around speak and share their testimony.


SAGU offers a wide range of dorms – each with benefits depending on your personal preferences. Be close to the action, or enjoy a quiet slice of life.


We value full-person support. Whether you need career advice, student counseling, healthful activities, or learning assistance, we have you covered.

student handbook

Student Handbook

We believe firmly in protecting our Christian culture on campus. The handbook gives a clear picture of our values and helps prepare us for life outside of our walls.

student devotional

Student Devotional

Our Residential Life office works with faculty and staff to create a devotional each year. Follow along as we build our faith together.


Cafeteria (The Caf)

The Caf is one of several places to grab a bite on campus. Daily options include an all you can eat pizza buffet, made-to-order stir fry and the burger station.

Annointing starts here

Jon Doe, Graduate Student

“I’ve never been to a school where people have been more loving and encouraging than SAGU. It’s an amazing place to be. The people here genuinely love me and are intentional with building relationships.”

What is your Story

“Jesus is definitely in control of my whole life,” Kashila says. “I could easily have gone down the wrong road. I just had to learn to trust Him.” Conflict drove his family from their home in Angola to the United States. His dad, Neddy, from the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, and his mom, Betty, originally from India, together pastor an Assemblies of God church in the African nation’s capital city, Luanda. Kashila and his younger brother, Daniel, and younger sister, Zipporah, were born in Indianapolis, where the family lived until returning to Africa in 2005.

Joshua Kashila

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