Note: Cannot be used for registration as guaranteed Financial Aid. All workstudy applicants are required to attend a workstudy orientation.

Federal Work Study

Description: Part-time employment (5-15 hours per week) on SAGU campus and Community Service jobs. Awards are based on need. Positions are limited and there are more eligible applicants than positions. The Financial Aid Office does not place students in jobs. Students must be interviewed and compete for positions.

Award: Minimum wage paid bi-weekly.
Potential earnings per semester: 5 hours/week = $386, 10 hours/week = $773, 15 hours/week = $1159

Application/Deadline: FAFSA by May 1

State Work Study

Description: Need-based, part-time employment

Award: Minimum wage paid bi-weekly

Application/Deadline: FAFSA by May 11

SAGU Regular Student Part-time Employment

Description: Part-time employment on SAGU campus. Not based on need.

Award: Minimum wage paid bi-weekly

Application/Deadline: Contact Career Services Office

Off-Campus Employment

Description: Part-time off-campus jobs in Waxahachie and metroplex

Award: Varies

Application/Deadline: Contact Career Services Office 


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