Tom Ferguson, Ph.D.

SAGU Professor, Math

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About Dr. Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson grew up in Longview, Texas and completed his undergraduate math degree at Texas A&M University. He then went to the University of Wisconsin, where he obtained a master’s degree in math and a teacher certificate. He began teaching at the college and high school level from 1977-1984. He then spent 24 years in business as a software engineer, engineering manager and product manager. During all this time in the business world, He always wanted to go back to teaching. In 2008, the opportunity arose and he accepted a position at SAGU.

Other than working on his Ph.D. over the last 7 years, Ferguson was very involved in the Assemblies of God Bible Quiz ministry from 1991 until 2009. He also has been involved in politics. He has been elected to the Lewisville School Board 3 times, serving from 2003-2012 and to the Electoral College in 2008.


T. Ferguson, Weight modules of orthosymplectic Lie superalgebras , UT-Arlington, 2015.

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