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How can we help you serve the marginalized?


SAGU’s Social Work department holds the coveted Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accreditation.

Advanced Standing

SAGU’s Social Work department holds the coveted CSWE Accreditation, which allows our Bachelor of Social Work Graduates “advanced standing” for accredited Master’s of Social Work (MSW) programs anywhere in the U.S., allowing them to complete their masters in only one year instead of two.

Accelerated Success

With our program, SAGU grads can complete their Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree at any CSWE accredited program in the U.S. in just one year.

Evidence-Based Practices

Expect practicums, programs, and policies maintaining evidence-based standards.

Commitment to Advocacy

Join other like-minded believers in championing humane services for all.

Social Work Electives

Choose your social work focused electives from Women’s Studies, International, Forensics to Abuse and Neglect.


People just like you have found purpose and job security by completing their Social Work degree

100% of SAGU BSW grads since Spring 2021 had jobs in the field (or related field) or were enrolled in grad school at the time of graduation.

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Don’t leave purpose and career to chance

Pursue a social work degree and contribute to societal care.

“My time at SAGU not only prepared me but it also connected me to like-minded people. I now have people who encourage me to keep pursuing the calling God gave me even after earning my bachelors in Church Leadership.”

Faye N.

Children’s Services Director, The Heights

The BSW program at SAGU not only equipped me with professional skills and knowledge contributing to my success; but also empowered me as a man in a female dominated field.”

Ochienga O.

Social Work, First Look

“As a student in this program, I was overwhelmed by a sense of belonging and hope. This feeling is something I strive to bring into my client’s lives as I walk alongside them through their darkest nights and join them in their greatest victories.”

Hannah M.

Mental Health Professional,

“A Social Work degree has the potential to open doors for healing and restoration not only for individuals, but for generations, families, communities, and beyond. We are called upon to intervene for and empower people from birth to death. The BSW degree equips students to fully engage their individual callings within diverse roles and settings.”

-Program Coordinator Sandi Barberis, Ph.D., LMSW

Are you seeking an online Social Work degree?

Do you enjoy helping others? If you have a high school diploma and are willing to grow, apply here.

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