Jonathan Foster is a graduate student at SAGU pursuing a Masters in Organizational Leadership. He graduated with his Communications degree with a minor in Digital Media Arts in the Fall of 2018. He has chosen these fields of study in order to grow at communicating with other people effectively through various mediums such as speech and audio, which is his favorite form of communication. He first came to love sound as a cellist. Jonathan recently completed work as the sound mixer on SAGU Cinema’s Forgiven Felons documentary, for which he will also be designed the soundscape for the documentary during the Fall 2018 semester. During his undergraduate years, he worked as a Peer Mentor at the SAGU Learning Center for two years, and has been a Royal Ranger commander for nearly five years. On campus, he fills a variety of roles and responsibilities as the coordinator for the Missions office. His future plans after graduation include eventually planning to combine leadership principles with communication and media as either a team developer or project manager for a communications firm.

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