Harvesters Live in Rome CD Release

The Harvesters have released their latest recording “Live in Rome”. It is a fantastic live album recorded at the Alfa Omega A/G in Rome, Italy. The church choir and musicians joined with the Harvesters to create a wonderfully anointed sound that is hard to duplicate in a studio. The Harvesters went back as far as 10 years ago to record some of the most loved songs they have ever sung. The beautiful “There is a River” is recorded with just the prominent sound of the piano and violin to a jamming band sound on “Singing with the Saints”. It also has their most requested song of all time, “Give It Away”. If you would like this recording, it is available on iTunes and you may order it by clicking the following link or if you want a CD copy, just click the following link and one will be mailed to you right away!

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The Harvesters is a male vocal group representing SAGU and the Advancement Office. They travel all around the United States, representing the university to its alumni and friends. The Harvesters bring a variety of beloved musical genres that have been popular for years within the Church. Their style of Gospel music is embraced by all generations and will certainly touch your life with Christ’s message.

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The Harvesters Are Releasing Albums on ITunes and Spotify

We are excited to announce that three of our albums are releasing this month the online music world. This is an opportunity for our music to be purchased, downloaded, and listened to without the need for a physical CD copy. The music world is moving very quickly towards online listening and this is our opportunity to be a part of that motion. We hope to have all of our friends and fans sharing our music and furthering the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Thanks for all of your support!

Release Schedule:

  • The Harvesters (2010): "Hymns of Our Faith" – Sunday, July 17th, 2016
  • The Harvesters (2012): "The First Time I Saw Love" – Sunday, July 24th, 2016
  • The Harvesters (2009): "The Harvesters" (self-titled) – Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Check back here on those dates for links to the album releases!

All of our album releases, including Hymns of Our Faith vol. 2, can be found here

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