Let’s face it – trying to find a decent Christian fiction author is a gamble. Christian non-fiction is pretty simple. Biographies of heroic missionaries or Joyce Meyer’s newest spiritual warfare guides are always rewarding and inspiring, but sometimes, we want something a little more tantalizing to the imagination. 

We typically turn to the internet to find something more exciting in the Christian literature world. The problem is that Christian fiction tends to be quite…exotic. It’s hard to know what’s a legitimately good read, and what can seem just plain weird. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of Christian fiction authors for you. Check it out!

Our Picks

1. Karen Hancock

If you like the fantasy genre, have more than a passing fondness for valiant heroes, and possess a healthy appreciation of peak romance, then this is the author for you. Hancock’s epic series Legends of the Guardian King and her sci-fi adventure Arena are powerful works of literature. 10/10 recommend. One of the great travesties of this world is that more people haven’t read Karen Hancock’s works.

2. Francine Rivers

Christian contemporary fiction is typically stereotyped as cliché and predictable. It’s kind of like reading a Hallmark movie. However, Rivers puts a raw and passionate perspective on what living a life for Christ is like. Her historical fiction series Mark of the Lion is nothing short of genius. Redeeming Love, also historical fiction, is an honest look at just how far God’s love will reach. 

3. R.J Larson 

Larson’s recipe of prophets and kings, judges and monsters, forms a charming world that encapsulates the stress of faith and the nature of humanity. Her debut fantasy series, Books of the Infinite, is styled after the Old Testament and contains compelling characters and epic battles. 

4. Madeleine L’Engle

If you have a taste for the fantastical and want to take a trip outside of the norm, then Madeleine L’Engle is the author for you. Her Time Quintet series, beginning with A Wrinkle in Time, will beckon you to forget what you know about reality and offer you a peek into the weird. A fun read for anyone wanting a break from earth (and who doesn’t want that?)

5. Frank Peretti

Favor a spine-tingling thriller? Frank Peretti is your man. Peretti’s works such as House, Monster, and The Oath (to only name a few) will leave you in awe… and with a slight aversion to the dark. Piercing the Darkness, a poignant perspective on spiritual warfare, is probably his most well-known work. 

6. Ted Dekker

Somewhat similar to Frank Peretti in style, Dekker is never afraid to bring his readers over the edge of their comfort zone and beyond. If the Christian psyche is a playground, Dekker won’t get off the swings. The author of multiple works, Dekker is known for his epic twists and deep insights into the spirit realm. The Circle Series, arguably Dekker’s most renowned work, is satisfyingly mystic and full of intricate plots. 

7. C.S Lewis

C.S. Lewis is probably most well-known for The Chronicles of Narnia, which is always a fantastic read, but few people know he also wrote a compelling sci-fi series. The Space Trilogy, though arguably lacking in creative titling, is an exciting and allegorical adventure through–you guessed it–space. Definitely worth the read (or it wouldn’t have made the list). 

About the Author

Stephanie Van Wyk
Stephanie Van Wyk

Stephanie received her bachelor’s degree in English from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in 2021. She is passionate about the world of storytelling, artistry in all mediums, and is incapable of resisting any dog over 50 pounds.

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