Police Officers

How can we help you serve the justice system?

Law Enforcement

Explore ethics of Criminal Justice, security management, administration, and analysis of police operations.

The Court System

Acquire understanding of Constitutional law and penology.

The Correctional Process

Explore Correctional psychology, learn about addictive and delinquent behaviors, and find paths for recovery and rehabilitation.

Biblical Perspectives

Gain biblical presuppositions that will inform and shape your understanding of criminal justice.

Field Practicum

Explore theories of criminology and practice investigational techniques.


Study relationship between psychology and the law, forensic social work, and social psychology.


People just like you have found purpose and job security by completing their Criminal Justice degree

3% Job Growth for police and detectives through 2031. Median annual salary of $66,020 for police and detectives.

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Don’t leave purpose and career to chance

Pursue a criminal justice degree and contribute to the legal system.

“This program helped me develop skills that I use daily while investigating child abuse and neglect. I’ve been able to cultivate confidence in my own abilities and comfortability in new challenges. I am so proud to say I have a degree in Criminal Justice from SAGU.”

Sophia I.

Investigator, Texas Department of Family Protective Services

“I’ve always dreamed of serving my community through criminal justice. I love being a part of an outstanding program encouraging me to pursue God and the field.”

Cooper G.

Ellis County Dispatcher

“I have particularly enjoyed the unique experiences this program has to offer. The opportunity to dust for fingerprints with my classmates was one of my favorite experiences yet. We constantly take real-world criminology concepts and apply them in the classroom.”

Asilyn D. 

Criminal Justice Sophomore

“The online criminal justice program at SAGU is an amazing opportunity for students to gain access to a Christ-centered education in the comfort and flexibility of their own homes. With a rigorous curriculum and experienced faculty, this program provides graduates with the tools they need to make a difference in the field of criminal justice.”

-Criminal Justice Professor Bruce Stayments

Are you seeking an online criminal justice degree?

Do you enjoy serving and protecting others? If you have a high school diploma and ready to grow, apply here.

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