Make sure that you register for your courses on time to ensure prompt certification of your enrollment. Information about qualifying pay rate and payment dates is available only through direct contact between the student and the Department of Veterans Affairs or call 888.442.4551 for payment information.

Chapter 30, 1606, 1607, and 35 payments are sent directly to students on a monthly basis. Payments are sent after the month. For example, benefits for February will be received in March and benefits for March will be received in April.

There are three types of payments for Chapter 33: tuition and fees, housing, and books and supplies. Tuition and fees are sent directly to the school. Payment rates are based on the student's eligibility. Housing and books and supplies payments are sent directly to the student. Not all students qualify for housing and or books and supplies payments. For payments qualification, please contact VA at 888.442.4551.

Students are responsible for tuition and fees at the Southwestern Assemblies of God University while VA processes payments.

Your payment rates are also based on your enrollment status.

Undergraduate (for VA verification purposes only)

Status Fall & Spring Summer
Full-time 12 credit hours 12 credit hours
3/4 time 9 credit hours 9 credit hours
1/2 time 6 credit hours 6 credit hours
1/4 time 3 credit hours 3 credit hours


Status Fall & Spring Summer
Full-time 9 credit hours 6 credit hours
3/4 time 6 credit hours N/A
1/2 time 3 credit hours 3 credit hours

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is available for MGIB-Active Duty, Selected Reserve and REAP benefits. You can contact the direct deposit center at 877.838.2778 or speak with an Education Case Manager at 888.GIBILL1 (888.442.4551). You can also visit the WAVE application to sign up for direct deposit using the direct deposit form. The WAVE application is available at Direct Deposit is not available for the Dependents & Survivors Educational Benefits-DEA (CH35) and VEAP.

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