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Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology

By majoring in Bible and Theology, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the Scriptures, as well as its context and applications. Learn to use proper methods and resources to interpret the Bible. Study how to communicate and defend theological doctrines central to the Christian faith. Explore in-depth topics related to biblical literature, apologetics, doctrine, Christian history, and Christian ethics. With your Bible and Theology degree, you’ll be ready for vocational ministry roles and higher-level graduate degrees.

Why Major in Bible and Theology at SAGU?

Preparation for Graduate Studies

SAGU’s Bible and Theology degree is excellent preparation for a master’s degree or doctorate. You will not only get a solid biblical foundation, but you will also have the opportunity to select a pre-seminary specialization. You can take advanced Bible, Greek, Hebrew, philosophy, and theology courses to give you a leg up in your future program.

Real-World Experience and Resources

Practice preaching and teaching skills as a Bible and Theology major, and get additional biblical training through the College of Bible and Church Ministry’s annual apologetics seminar. Discover effective ways to defend the gospel and communicate truth to others in love. You’ll be equipped to share the good news of Jesus Christ in all your spheres of influence.

The college also hosts an annual credentialing day for students interested in ministry. Assemblies of God officials will visit our campus to connect with you and answer any questions you have about the credentialing process. Meet with district officials from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

The SAGU Difference

Prepare for vocational ministry as part of the Spirit-filled community at SAGU. The Bible will be your core foundation both in your daily devotions and coursework. Have access to the resources you need to grow your faith and build your leadership skills, from chapel worship to mission trips. Our Christian faculty will be your mentors as they teach you how to apply God’s word in your life. In this environment, you’ll learn to thrive as a servant leader.

Affordability and Value

We believe that excellent preparation to become a pastor or ministry leader should be accessible. SAGU strives to keep its tuition affordable. As a SAGU student, you’ll have access to our generous financial aid packages. If you are an on-campus, full-time student majoring in Bible and Theology, you may be eligible to receive 50% off tuition. Learn more about this amazing ministry degree guarantee.

Exemplary Online Program

Earn your bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology completely online. We offer all the same rigorous, biblically-based courses as we do on campus, but in a flexible format that works for you. Our professors are experts at connecting with students online, and they’ll support you every step of the way. Find a community with fellow online students, and grow your network beyond your city borders.

You may also earn your degree more quickly with our online degree program. In 2020, we were ranked by as having one of the fastest online bachelor’s degrees in the nation. We offer the option of two seven-week sessions within a traditional semester. You can also take online courses in the summer to learn year-round.

What You’ll Learn in the Bible and Theology Degree Program

In the Bible and Theology degree curriculum, you’ll receive a foundational study in the Bible and Christian theology. Learn to read the Bible in context and draw out biblical principles. Explore essential theological doctrines and understand the Christian worldview.

General Education Studies

Get a well-rounded college education by completing 55 hours of general education studies. You’ll develop the communication and critical thinking skills you need in your future vocation. These courses also include general biblical studies courses that will prepare you for more advanced studies. These classes include:

  • Bible Study
  • New Testament Literature
  • Old Testament Literature
  • Introduction to Theology and Apologetics

Major Studies

Delve deeper into the study of Scripture with 48 hours of major courses. Required courses include:

  • Hermeneutics
  • Biblical Preaching
  • Systematic Theology I and II
  • Christianity in the Ancient and Middle Ages
  • Christianity from the Reformation to the Postmodern Era

You will have a great deal of flexibility in your courses. Choose from Bible courses such as:

  • Geography and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
  • Corinthian Correspondence
  • Prophetic Literature
  • Apocalyptic Literature
  • Synoptic Gospels

Within your major courses, you will have 18 hours of major electives. You can choose any classes in Biblical studies, Greek, Hebrew, philosophy, religion, or theology. You may instead decide to complete a pre-seminary specialization, in which you will take advanced courses to prepare you for graduate studies. They include:

  • Biblical Greek 1 and 2 or Biblical Hebrew 1 and 2
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Logic, Reason, and Persuasion
  • Old Testament Theology
  • New Testament Theology
  • Senior Paper
View the SAGU Catalog for course descriptions

Careers and Outcomes for Bible and Theology Graduates

The bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology will prepare you for many career paths. Your knowledge of Scripture will help you become a leader at a church or Christian ministry. You’ll also be qualified to work in the field of education. We’ll help you get connected through our Phipps Career Center.

Your Bible and Theology degree prepares you for career possibilities that include:

  • Senior pastor
  • Associate pastor
  • Sunday school teacher
  • Military chaplain
  • Hospital chaplain
  • Missionary
  • Child care worker/Day care teacher
  • K-12 teacher
  • University professor
  • Private Tutor

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Strengthen Your Faith and Biblical Knowledge through SAGU’s Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and Theology

Learn how to interpret the Bible accurately to encourage and exhort others by majoring in Bible and Theology at SAGU. Request more information to learn more about our program and how to apply.

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