8-Step Guide to Writing Great Screenplays

8-Step Guide to Writing Great Screenplays

Published: October 29th, 2015

Written by the late Blake Snyder, Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need has quickly become a classic among aspiring screenwriters. I was first introduced to this book in 2011 during my first year studies in the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program in Screenwriting and Film Studies at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. In that particular class on screenwriting I discovered many other important components or “stages” to crafting that perfect screenplay.

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A minor in business can be beneficial for ministry students. Christi Sanders provides 8 reasons why it will help with management of financials and leadership.

8 Reasons Ministry Students Should Minor in Business

Published: November 19th, 2015

Adding a minor to your degree program can be a great way to customize your college experience. A combination many people don't immediately think of is combining a business minor with a degree in ministry. To show the the benefits of such an academic pairing, I'd like to share with you eight reasons why I believe it is a wise decision for ministry majors to get a minor in business .

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7 Tips for Better Meetings

7 Tips for Successful Meetings

Published: September 17th, 2015

Many people complain about meetings. The truth is; meetings are crucial within organizations because most jobs require people to coordinate their efforts as an overall team.

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Get the professional career you want by following these 7 writing tips on creating a good resume.

7 Tips for Creating a Professional Résumé

Published: May 3rd, 2016

When is a résumé necessary? What’s important to list? What is a résumé?

You were asked to submit a résumé for a career position, and you realize you haven’t updated yours in years, or maybe you haven’t even written one before. Where do you begin? There are a lot of questions: how long should it be?, how much information should I include?, do I list my personal information?, and more.

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Here are seven reasons Christians should study and understand Hebrew and Greek.

7 Reasons to Study Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek

Published: September 24th, 2015

As a professor of Greek and New Testament at SAGU, I naturally champion the study of Biblical languages so here are 7 reasons why the original Biblical languages hold great promise for those who consecrate their time and effort to learn them.

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7 Interesting Features of World War II: One for Each Year

7 Interesting Features of World War II: One for Each Year

Published: March 10th, 2016

World War II has been the costliest conflict ever to occur on earth. It’s also one of the most varied and complex, with nations changing sides, citizens of one country fighting each other more fiercely than they fought outsiders, and a myriad of new and sometimes bizarre weapons. The war lasted exactly six years and one day, and certain features seem to stand out for each year of the war.

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Illegal Questions to be Aware of

7 Illegal Questions to be Aware of during a Job Interview

Published: June 9th, 2015

Sitting in a job interview can be very stressful. We are sitting in front of someone we don’t know, hoping that between our resume and the 15-20 minutes they spend with us, we will somehow be able to convince them that we not only have the various knowledge, skills, and abilities they need, but we will be a better ‘fit’ with the organization than any of the other candidates they are interviewing. Because we are so nervous, we often don’t notice when the questions that are asked veer into dangerous territory.

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Dr. Garland Owensby gives six valuable resources that will maximize a small youth ministry budget.

6 Valuable Tools For Youth Ministry on a Budget

Published: September 7th, 2016

"Spend however much you want! You have an unlimited budget." If you're a youth pastor and have heard that, I'm almost certain you were dreaming.

One of the challenges of ministry is being a good steward of the money entrusted to us as leaders. Some of you are probably tired of being trusted with little money and are ready to be shown trustworthy with bigger finances. Until that time comes, here are some valuable resources and ideas for youth ministry on a budget.

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There are many essential things for building strong teams. Trust and accountability are critical. Learning to collaborate with others and relate to team members on a personal level is vital.

6 Tips for Building Great Teams

Published: February 17th, 2015

There are many essential things for building strong teams. Trust and accountability are critical. Learning to collaborate with others and relate to team members on a personal level is vital. There are also a few other things that can be instrumental in building teams. 

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Many marketing tools are cheap or free for nonprofits. Here are 6 available tools that range from email marketing to customer relationship management.

6 Cheap-to-free Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

Published: January 12th, 2016

Marketers of small- to mid-sized organizations constantly seek tools to improve efficiency and efficacy of their efforts without breaking the budget. In this post, I provide 6 marketing tools that can make your life as a nonprofit marketer (or small business) easier than ever.

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Dr. Fernandes gives 5 tips to protect your voice as a singer.

5 Ways Singers Can Take Care of Their Voices

Published: August 28th, 2017

Vocal abuse is common today mainly due to ignorance as to how the voice works, but also due to the influence of unhealthy examples of singing that are prevalent today. As with other body parts, we only have one set of vocal cords that we must take care of throughout our lives. This is not just true for singers, but also other professions that require a lot of vocal use such as teachers, pastors, lawyers, news anchors, etc.

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5 Tips for Living a Happy Life

5 Tips to Start Living a Happy Life

Published: March 26th, 2015


In our busy world, happiness isn't always easy to come by. Everyone is looking for ways to get more enjoyment out of life. Here are five successful tips for living a happier life.

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5 Reasons to Not Accept a Job Offer

5 Reasons You Should NOT Accept a Job Offer

Published: May 5th, 2015

You are about to graduate from college, and let’s face it, you are freaking out. Most of your friends already have jobs lined up, and you are STILL interviewing. It seems like you always make it to the top 5, but then something happens to boot you from the line-up. You’ve got great interview skills, and a great resume, and you are, to put it bluntly . . . desperate. At this point, you will take ANYTHING!

Well, hold on. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t accept a job offer just because it was made.

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Creating a personal learning network on social media increases professional development for educators. Here are 5 reasons for networking on twitter.

5 Reasons to Create a Personal Learning Network on Twitter

Published: April 19th, 2016

I recently joined the Twitterverse. I resisted at first because I wasn’t into following celebrity tweets or re-reading what my friends had already posted on Facebook. I also did not want another social media account to follow However, after a conversation with a fellow educator, I was convinced I needed to create a Twitter handle to connect professionally with other educators.

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5 Questions that will Revitalize your Church

5 Questions that will Revitalize your Church

Published: August 11th, 2015

In my work with dozens of churches over the past several years, I’ve come to conclude that there are five questions every congregation must ask if they will see the effectiveness of their church increase. These five questions can rescue the declining church and propel the strong church to greater heights. These five questions motivate the best of congregational actions and are virtually guaranteed to increase a congregation's ability to achieve the Great Commission. Build good answers to these five questions, and it won't be long before you're reaching the full potential of your congregation.

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5 Applicable Insights from the Old Testament for Bible Study

5 Applicable Insights from the Old Testament for Bible Study

Published: May 8th, 2018

In terms of page length, it’s most of the Bible. It covers God’s redemptive mission across a span of more than 4000 years. Many, because of it’s “Old” label, skip over it on their way to Philippians. Still, there are 39 books of history, miracles, challenges, and through it all, the love of God. Here are 5 principles to light up your study of God’s word through the Old Testament.

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Strategies for Effective Online Lectures

4 Strategies for Effective Online Lectures

Published: September 3rd, 2015

There is an opinion in higher education that lectures are over-rated, boring, and they create passive learners. I’m of the opinion that lectures can be learner-centered and extremely effective for active learning.

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The easiest way to solve a math problem is to pull out a calculator, here are 4 math tricks to use when trying to solve complex math problems without it.

4 Math Tricks to Outsmart your Calculator

Published: August 24th, 2016

Are there computations that you can do mentally that cannot be done with a calculator? Yes! God created our minds to do some amazing things. In this blog I'll show you 6 math tricks that you compute using only your mind.

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4 Characteristics of a Worship Leader

4 Characteristics of a Worship Leader

Published: February 9th, 2015

What is worship? Worship is not something we do – worship is who we are. The lifestyle of a worshiper should be lived every day so that Christ can be seen in all we do and say. One of the clearest instances of worship in the New Testament is seen in the story of the sinful woman who anointed the feet of Jesus while He was a dinner guest at a Pharisee’s house. The account in Luke 7:36-50 gives us the characteristics of a true worshiper.

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SAGU Business Department Associate Professor Shelly Zaldivar explains why having knowledge of marketing concepts is beneficial in any industry.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Marketing Skills

Published: September 27th, 2016

On the first day of my "Introduction to Marketing" class, I ask my students to market themselves in three words. I have students that react by looking shyly to the side and providing generic answers such as “I’m nice” or “I’m quiet.” I have students that take the opportunity to make the class laugh with a creative answer. Occasionally, I will have a student push the boundaries and ask if they can use more than three words. My response is always, "Yes!"

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