Your personalized ministry library can be a powerful tool. Chad Graham provides 8 categories of ministry resources that should be in your pastoral library.

Your Guide for Building a Pastoral Library

Published: March 1st, 2016

When your interests are many, it is easy to get lost in the great sea of “must read” books. Perusing the bookstore can be agonizing for us bibliophiles, as we discover the sheer volume of books demanding our attention. Upon reaching the cashier, I must often shed books collected during my journey through the bookstore.

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Dr. Christi Sanders discusses why every business is in need of a leadership development program to ensure long term growth.

Why Your Organization Needs a Leadership Development Program

Published: April 13th, 2017

What could possibly go wrong?

I always laugh when I hear someone say those words because of course anything can go wrong. Or it can go right. But much of that depends on how well we are prepared. In both my personal and professional life, I believe in planning for contingencies. When my kids were little, I didn’t leave the house without extra clothes and diapers. I knew the likelihood of needing them was high. In the professional world, the failure to plan for contingencies can lead to catastrophic failure.

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 When Online Discussions Fall Flat

What Do You Do When Online Discussions Fall Flat?

Published: November 5th, 2015

The value of discussions and other interactive strategies in online instruction is to get the student active in exploration, discovery, and deep learning which leads to critical thinking. Learning that enables critical thinking is a collaborative process in which content is generally constructed or discovered rather than transmitted.

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What Do Online Student Want!

What Do Online Students Want?

Published: May 26th, 2015

In a May 30, 2014 issue of Faculty Focus, Rob Kelly mentioned five things that online students want from their instructors. Let’s look at those five points and consider how we can integrate these concerns into our online courses:

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Effective communication is extremely important in business. Here are tips to help get your message across clearly with no misunderstanding.

Valuable Tips for Effective Communication in the Workplace

Published: September 27th, 2016

You may ask, why should we care about our ability to communicate? Well, that’s easy. We should care because we want others to understand what we mean. We want to improve our relationships. We want to make sure things get done and in many cases, we want to advance our careers. One of the job skills employers desire most is effective communication. When people communicate effectively, they can build a productive working relationship, solve problems, supervise others, and create trust in the workplace.

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Success in marketing is measured by results, not feelings or beauty. Here are 6 considerations when strengthening your value proposition, relevance and clarity.

Ugly Design, Great Personality

Published: July 27th, 2016

Let’s face an unfortunate truth – American culture is fixated on beauty.

That obsession carries into marketing and design. Some privileged souls work in organizations steeped in a “planning” culture where a project never begins without a clearly defined creative brief. Others wander a busy highway of squirrel-chasers.

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Top 5 Breakthroughs in Bible Study

Top 5 Breakthroughs in Digital Bible Study

Published: October 17th, 2017

The last decade of the 20th century brought new vistas of adventure to the world of Bible study.  The word of God was unleashed from the printed page to the digitized screen.  For those pioneers who first encountered digital Bible study, it has been a fast-paced turn of events to a day where the Bible is now available for instant word-studies on the phone, quick word searches online, and sermons that can be shared to multiple platforms.  Whether you get your devotions from a web page, your lessons from a digital platform or the tried and true method of paper and pen, consider these advantages to the new options in digital Bible study.

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The Value of the 5 Historical Dating Methods

The Value of the 5 Historical Dating Methods

Published: January 19th, 2016

All of us tend to use the most significant dates in our lives as reference points for all the others. For example, we think of our age in reference to the year we were born, and while we may give names to wedding anniversaries (silver, gold, etc.), we determine them by counting from the year of the marriage. Indeed, the root of the word anniversary is the Latin for “year.”

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Emotional Intelligence is made up of factors like self-awareness, impulse control, personal responsibility, and social adeptness. Why is it important to have a high EQ.

The Value of Emotional Intelligence

Published: March 17th, 2016

One of the business buzzwords that garnered stream back in the early 90s was the term Emotional Intelligence or EQ as it is referred to in business. This concept was studied and developed by Daniel Goleman in his book titled Emotional Intelligence. He makes the case that our definition of intelligence as measured by IQ is too narrow and ignores a critical range of abilities that matter immensely to our success in life. Such factors are self-awareness, impulse control, personal responsibility, and social adeptness.

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The tomb of Jesus can be described by comparing archaeological evidence with the scriptural texts. Giving us an idea of tombs in the bible and 1st century.

The Tomb of Jesus: First Century Jewish Burials

Published: March 24th, 2016

Many of us have heard the story of Christ’s burial and resurrection. Sadly, since we are removed from the historical context of this event, some of the details of the story can be lost to us. For example, the gospels tell us that Christ was buried in a tomb for three days. Have you ever given any thought to what the tomb of Jesus was actually like? Was it a gravesite like we use today or was it something different?

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This 10 step guide will show leaders the importance of praising others.

The Superpower of Praising Others

Published: November 10th, 2016

How does it feel when someone praises your accomplishments? Do you suddenly feel inspired, sharp and ready to take on new challenges? Science shows that there are many psychological effects of praise. Used correctly, praise can boost self-esteem, increase performance and supercharge productivity. Used incorrectly or not at all, it can tear down and render the most high-powered team impotent.

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The Sport of Solving Quadratic Equations

The Sport of Solving Quadratic Equations

Published: June 14th, 2016

Have you solved any quadratic equations lately? Chances are you have. In fact, many Americans spend several hours each week not only solving quadratic equations, but watching other people solve them as well!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am talking about watching sports on television. You didn’t pull out your pencil and paper and work through the quadratic formula to solve the equation, but your brain still makes an attempt to do it just by watching.

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Mark’s Description of the Crucifixion

The Sound of Silence: Mark’s Description of the Crucifixion

Published: July 5th, 2016

In “marked” contrast to the adopted practice of most modern historiographers who are fond of supplying graphic details of heinous events (compare, for example, Bill O’Reilly’s magnificent KILLING LINCOLN), Mark’s account of the crucifixion is striking in its silence regarding the physical torture of the cross.

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Dr. Charity Kurz explains the psychology of venting through explaining reframing and other useful tips.

The Psychology of Venting - Part 2

Published: July 3rd, 2017

As discussed in a previous post, venting is a two-way process that involves the person venting and the person hearing the vent. Healthy, positive venting is focused on how the person hearing the vent shows empathy, creates safety, and participates in active listening (Kurz, 2017; Bryant, 2009; Egan, 2007). Research has concluded that negative venting can lead to higher stress levels and other physical health concerns. Negative venting is not associated with the person venting but rather the active listener and his or her response (Bodie et al., 2015; Goldsmith, 2004).

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Dr. Charity Kurz explains the psychology of venting and gives useful tips to be a better listener.

The Psychology of Venting

Published: March 16th, 2017

Venting. We all have done it. As a matter of fact, we probably have done it within the last 24 hours. Have you ever vented and was angry with yourself for doing so? Do I know those times all too well…? So why do we vent? Is it healthy to vent? What can we do when others want to vent? Let’s unpack these questions.

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The Psychology of Offense

Published: December 10th, 2018

Offense. We have all been there. The time your boss joked about your proposal. The time your good friend spoke truth about your new haircut. The time your in-laws commented on your parenting efforts. We take offense. It’s a verbal phrase. Take. Because it is an action, we make a choice. To take or not to take?

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The Power of Propaganda in World War II

Published: August 29th, 2018

In a world before social media and the internet, how did the United States encourage and promote American citizens in the 1930s and 1940s to contribute to the war effort? The answer-propaganda and lots of it. While propaganda took many forms, perhaps its strongest and the most effective channel was Hollywood films. In this Thought Hub vlog, Rob Price, M.F.A., shares the impact of these films in America during this era and how many young filmmakers put their careers on hold to contribute to the war effort. 

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The Power of Print and Its Affect on the Church

The Power of Print and Its Affect on the Church

Published: February 9th, 2016

Reading and writing have been staples of basic communication for thousands of years. One might wonder what kind of effect the written word had on the Church over the centuries. But perhaps a better-crafted question might be what happened to Christianity when words became “printed and replicable” on a large scale.

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Rob Price explores how Marshal McLuhan's communication theory "the medium is the message" applies to the Gospel message.

The Medium is the Message: How New Media Affects the Gospel

Published: May 12th, 2016

Being a professor in the Communication Arts Department here at SAGU allows me to spend a lot of time with my students on video, audio, lighting, and editing equipment. But as a Bible-based University, we are challenged to look beyond our cool gadgets and gear to the deeper issues of how methods of communication affect the Gospel message, the Church and our Christian worldview.

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Constitutional Law is a reflection of society. In this blog, we examine the court cases that deemed state and federal sponsored segregation as unconstitutional and a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

The Legal Cases That Abolished 'Separate but Equal' Doctrine

Published: September 14th, 2016

Disclaimer: Article dictated and adapted from the lecture, "Turning Points in 20th Century America: Two Cases That Changed the Nation" by Aaron Burke, J.D., available below.

Constitutional Law is a mirror reflection of society. When thinking about past United States Supreme Court cases, you have to understand the context of an entirely different society. A lot of these cases are sometimes confusing and illogical in today's context. Take, for example, perhaps the two most important Supreme Court opinions in the past 100 years: The case that created the 'Separate but equal' doctrine and the case that abolished the doctrine as it applied to the federal government and the states.

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