Do archaeologists know the location of the tomb of Jesus? Since the 4th century there has been an unbroken tradition identifying the location of Christ’s tomb. Can archaeology confirm or refute this claim?

Every youth minister wants to create a safe place for students to grow in their faith. S.A.F.E. is an acronym that helps discipline and reinforce appropriate behavior in a positive manner.

One of the biggest issues in presidential elections today is often overlooked by voters. I’m referring to judicial activism, particularly in the Supreme Court and federal courts, which increasingly condone immorality and restrict religious liberty. This is significant because the president appoints all federal justices.

Consumers today are bombarded by more daily advertising messages than at any point in history. Demonstrated by the Superbowl, watching ads is now a pastime unto itself.

What consumers do not realize is that there are psychological tactics that are the invisible arrows in an advertiser's quiver. In this post, we'll discuss the power concept of anchoring bias on human behavior.

I recently asked my nine-year-old daughter if she thought playing video games helped kids with reading. She looked up from her world in Minecraft and said, “No!” If you ask an adult the same question, you will likely receive the same response along with many reasons why video games might be considered harmful to children. Some of those reasons might include violence or inappropriate content; sedentary lifestyles that result in obesity; lack of social skills development; little use of imagination; or a waste of time. While those are valid concerns, researchers and educators are discovering the positive impact video games have in the classroom.

Being a professor in the Communication Arts Department here at SAGU allows me to spend a lot of time with my students on video, audio, lighting, and editing equipment. But as a Bible-based University, we are challenged to look beyond our cool gadgets and gear to the deeper issues of how methods of communication affect the Gospel message, the Church and our Christian worldview.

I have discovered that all students taking online courses aren’t necessarily techie! We know that the majority of online learners are classified as non-traditional learners who are older and have normally been out of school for a number of years. Many of them will have just purchased a computer and acquired access to the Internet just to enroll.

When is a résumé necessary? What’s important to list? What is a résumé?

You were asked to submit a résumé for a career position, and you realize you haven’t updated yours in years, or maybe you haven’t even written one before. Where do you begin? There are a lot of questions: how long should it be?, how much information should I include?, do I list my personal information?, and more.

Ever wonder if God cares if you cast a ballot? Or does He care how you cast your ballot? The answer to both of those questions is “Yes.” Yet how would Jesus have us vote?

The human brain is a complicated part of the body, its function is to react to life experiences which cause chemical reactions. Carrie Abbott of the Legacy Institute explains how your brain reacts during sex and what chemicals are released; along with how it will affect relationships and future marriages. The bond that sex creates in the human brain strengthens a relationship, however sex is not the only factor that affects any type of relationship. God created sex to strengthen the love in a marriage physically and emotionally by being faithful to one another.