I have discovered that all students taking online courses aren’t necessarily techie! We know that the majority of online learners are classified as non-traditional learners who are older and have normally been out of school for a number of years. Many of them will have just purchased a computer and acquired access to the Internet just to enroll.

When is a résumé necessary? What’s important to list? What is a résumé?

You were asked to submit a résumé for a career position, and you realize you haven’t updated yours in years, or maybe you haven’t even written one before. Where do you begin? There are a lot of questions: how long should it be?, how much information should I include?, do I list my personal information?, and more.

Ever wonder if God cares if you cast a ballot? Or does He care how you cast your ballot? The answer to both of those questions is “Yes.” Yet how would Jesus have us vote?

The human brain is a complicated part of the body, its function is to react to life experiences which cause chemical reactions. Carrie Abbott of the Legacy Institute explains how your brain reacts during sex and what chemicals are released; along with how it will affect relationships and future marriages. The bond that sex creates in the human brain strengthens a relationship, however sex is not the only factor that affects any type of relationship. God created sex to strengthen the love in a marriage physically and emotionally by being faithful to one another.

In rendering the Greek text of 1 Thessalonians 5:22 as “Abstain from all APPEARANCE of evil” translators of the KJV may have unwittingly promoted an unorthodox and unhealthy dynamic between Christians and “The World.”

I recently joined the Twitterverse. I resisted at first because I wasn’t into following celebrity tweets or re-reading what my friends had already posted on Facebook. I also did not want another social media account to follow However, after a conversation with a fellow educator, I was convinced I needed to create a Twitter handle to connect professionally with other educators.

Throughout history faith and science have had many disagreements. What should a Christian's view be on these topics? Is there an unresolvable conflict between faith and science or can these two topics co-exist?

The secular world skews the view of sex and marriage. As laid out in the Bible, God intended to bring males and females together in holy matrimony. Carrie Abbott explains what God’s plans are for marriage between men and women, unity of two people in faithfulness for the Kingdom of God, and why sex is reserved for marriage.

Everyone deals with conflict. Learning good conflict management skills is important to succeed in the world of business. Organizations that understand how to channel conflict appropriately are the most effective.

Having reflected the real world in the language history of Middle-Earth, Tolkien continued to bring elements of real world languages into his constructed languages. “In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit” (Tolkien, Hobbit). This simple line wasn’t developed through linguistics; it was spontaneously written on the back of an exam. However, his work was a linguistic one, so he needed to linguistically justify the name hobbit. To accomplish this, he used a linguistic process called anglicization – a process of making words and sentences sound more natural to English speakers through means like altering sounds or replacing words – in conjunction with his historical linguistics. First, Tolkien’s “hobbits” spoke Westron, not English, so their name for themselves was kuduk. However, kuduk is odd for English speakers; thus, Tolkien developed a historical connection between hobbits and the Rohirrim linguistically and geographically. The linguistic heritage is evident in some words of these two languages, like kuduk. The Rohirric word is kud-dukan, meaning “hole-builder.” With the historical linguistic explanation provided, Tolkien could finally justify the use of the word hobbit. In Old English, one could connote hol-bytla to mean “hole builder,” which could then become hobbit. Thus, kud-dukan is to hol-bytla what kuduk is to hobbit. This is one example of Tolkien’s anglicization of his own language creation.