If asked to name the top selling girls children's toy from the past year, what would you guess? One might reasonably (but incorrectly) assume Barbie, Goldiblox, or the continued onslaught of Frozen-themed merchandise. But, if you have young daughters or grandchildren, you won't be surprised when I say Shopkins.

There are many forgotten or little known heroes in American history, men and women who gave of themselves so that others could enjoy freedom. We all have heard of such people as Nathan Hale and Jim Bowie who paid the ultimate price for freedom, but few know the story of The Four Military Chaplains and their last heroic acts on the U.S.A.T. Dorchester.

In 2015, Dr. Paul Franks and Dr. Jeff Magruder hosted a three-part Christian Apologetics seminar at SAGU. In this session, Dr. Magruder explores the reasons why a perfect God would allow evil.

I’ve taught criminal justice, at the college level for many years now. I was recently asked to teach some of the same criminal justice concepts I normally teach at the college level to a younger group of learners. One topic I was required to instruct was “The Criminal Justice System.” I had a two-hour time block for the instruction.

The idea of reducing this concept down to a two-hour block time frame was almost laughable.

In the work of the local church, a pastor will frequently come across people that are challenging to manage, much less lead. These are folks that have established unhealthy habits in relationships or have learned responses to conflict that have frequently proved destructive.

Who are these people and what can we do with them? Believe it or not, they come in several, easy-to-identify varieties and you can learn to manage them and even lead them to healthier behaviors.

All of us tend to use the most significant dates in our lives as reference points for all the others. For example, we think of our age in reference to the year we were born, and while we may give names to wedding anniversaries (silver, gold, etc.), we determine them by counting from the year of the marriage. Indeed, the root of the word anniversary is the Latin for “year.”

In 2015, Dr. Paul Franks and Dr. Jeff Magruder hosted a three-part Christian Apologetics seminar at SAGU. In this session, Dr. Franks explains the mindset needed and how to respond effectively to different types of objections to the truth of Christianity.

Marketers of small- to mid-sized organizations constantly seek tools to improve efficiency and efficacy of their efforts without breaking the budget. In this post, I provide 6 marketing tools that can make your life as a nonprofit marketer (or small business) easier than ever.

In this three part Apologetics Seminar presented to SAGU students during chapel W. Paul Franks, Ph.D. and Jeff Magruder, D.Min. speak about more ways we can know God. In this first video Dr. W. Paul Franks discusses the two main threats to the Christian Worldview: 'New Atheism' and Religious Pluralism.

Many, if not most, churches have at least attempted small group ministries at one time or another, some finding them to be the catalyst for church growth, relational connections, and effective discipleship. Of course, others have struggled and some even failed in the effort, leaving numerous questions in the wake of their efforts.