When do I receive my overpayment?

Refunds of accounts with overpayment due to financial aid will be made within 14 days after the school has received the financial aid from the vendor and has been applied to the student's account.

What happens to my account if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, then your account will be charged a late payment fee of $20.00.

What is a General Fee?

The General Fee is a fee that represents all non-tuition costs (ex. Library, athletic events, student congress, maintenance, chapel speakers, etc.)

When is my down payment due and how much is it?

The down payment is due at the time of registration and the amount of the down payment is shown below.

Down payment and 2nd Payment

Undergraduate Dorm Students: $2,500

Undergraduate Off Campus and Distance Education Students: $1,500

Undergraduate Part-time (11 hours or below) and Graduate Students: 1/3 of total semester charges

Can financial aid be used toward my down payment?

Yes it can, however, the financial aid process must be completed with a letter of guarantee.

When are the payment dates?

The payments are due as shown below.

Semester 1st Payment* 2nd Payment* 3rd Payment* 4th Payment*
Fall September 30th October 30th November 30th December 30th
Spring February 28th March 30th April 30th May 30th

How much does the deferred payment plan cost?

There is a fee of $60 charged to use the Deferred Payment Plan.

Is my account going to charged for the full book voucher?

No, the student's account will only be charged for what the student spends at the bookstore.

How do accounts become delinquent?

If an account is past due and the student has not made satisfactory arrangements with Student Billing, then the account will become delinquent.

What happens when an account becomes delinquent?

Students owing a balance for any semester at the university are not permitted to register for future semesters. Transcripts and diplomas are not issued until the debt is paid-in-full. If satisfactory arrangements are not made with the Student Billing Office, the student may also face action from a third-party collection agency.

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