Requesting an Incomplete for a Course

  1. The grade of “I” (incomplete) is an exceptional grade given only to students who have satisfactorily completed 50% of the course assignments/requirements, but who, for reasons beyond their control, have been unable to complete all course requirements. The granting of an “I” occurs only when mutually agreed upon by student and instructor.
  2. Procedures:
    • The student must apply to the instructor for an “I” by a specified date on the academic calendar.
    • The student is responsible for obtaining the remaining requirements of the course from the instructor.
    • If the work is completed within sixty (60) days from the last day of the semester, or within a shorter time frame specified by the professor, the “I” will be changed to the earned grade. No academic work may be submitted after the conclusion of the sixty (60) day period.
    • If the instructor does not submit a change of grade, the “I” will become the terminal grade.
    • The grade of “I” will appear on the permanent record of the student but will not be used in the determination of the cumulative grade point average. It does, however, count in the determination of satisfactory academic progress.
  3. A $50 fee will be assessed to the student’s account upon approval of the incomplete request.
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