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9 Things to Do to Aid In Dealing with Depression –

Gaming and Mental Health

4 Strategies to Help Conquer Social Anxiety

Other University MH Pages
SMU Self-Help Library –
SMU Dallas Area Referral Sources –
Texas Tech Xbox and Mind Body Games –
Texas Tech Relaxation Tools –

Self Help
>Academic Success
>Grief & Loss
>Meditation & Mindfulness
>Sexual Health
Stress and Anxiety
Anxiety and Depression Association of America –
10 Quick Strategies –

  • Article link –
  • (2 min yogo video) –

Perfectionism –
Self-Compassion Scale (Dr. Kristin Neff) –
Self-Help for Managing Panic Disorder (pdf) –

Financial Stress

Online Apps
Review of Best Apps to Aid in Managing Anxiety – Free
Mediation and Mindfulness

  • Christian Mindfulness Session (4 mins) –
  • Christian Mindfulness Session 2 (7 minutes)

Mindfulness Session
Scriptural Meditation on the Mont (6 minutes) –

Veteran Health



Suicide Prevention/Crisis Prevention

Call: 1-800-273-8255
Text: 838255

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