It was the opportunity of a lifetime for SAGU softball coach Sarah Harman. She traveled to Guatemala to train their national softball team coaches and players.

During the summer of 2016, Harman spent time in Guatemala as part of a softball mission’s trip. While speaking with the president of the Guatemala National Team, Harman was told about the need for someone to help the coaches.

“The president is Christian so he liked the idea that I can also show the coaches and the national team Jesus through the sport of Softball. A few months after returning home, they submitted a letter of invitation to help prior to the Latin America Games in November,” recalls Harman.

Harman worked with approximately 20 coaches each morning, teaching all aspects of the game. She included how to practice plan, incorporate speed and agility workouts, design pitching workouts and other position fundamentals.

During available free time, she hosted free youth clinics.

“I am excited to build the relationships that were started with my summer mission’s team,” explains Harman, “and also to work one on one with the national players and head coaches.”

Harman presented the idea of leaving in the middle of the fall semester to athletic director Jesse Godding. She wasn’t sure if the trip would be possible, but Godding was happy for her to take the chance.

“SAGU is excited about the opportunity afforded Coach Harman to showcase her coaching skills and the university in Guatemala. Coach Harman is deserving of this opportunity and we are certain she will be invaluable to the individuals she coaches and interacts with,” said Godding.

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