Feature Stories

Viral Values

Is it an educator's place to teach about values or solely academics? Alumna and first grade teacher, Katie Pearson, has a strong opinion on the matter and so do over 100k Facebook members.

Stewarding Success

How can a Christian thrive in a cut-throat business world and maintain his/her integrity? 28-year-old, Sam Haynes, says it is precisely because of his integrity and Christian values that God has blessed him and his business.

Steadfast Integrity

"You can be wealthy and successful in business, and still make bad decisions." Through the world's eyes, rich and powerful equals success. But, how should a Christ-follower define success and how can we prepare students for success in the eyes of God? Dr. Garland Owensby, Professor for Youth Ministries, expounds on the topic in this editorial feature.

Lion Works

Leading Muslims to Jesus

Leading Muslims to Jesus

Christine Trimbur, SAGU Adjunct Instructor

Leading Muslims to Jesus is a practical guide geared at helping women and men lead Muslims to Jesus wherever they live. Drawing on her experience in the Arab world, author Christi Trimbur gives simple, doable advice on how we can lovingly invite Muslims to be freed from sin and assured of their heavenly home.

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Sweaty, Sore, Sometimes Hungry

Sweaty, Sore, Sometimes Hungry

Marvin G. Gilbert, Ed.D., SAGU's D. Min. Program Director,

This book emphasizes the unexpected joys that emerge out of spiritual and physical discipline as a faithful steward of the bodies God placed in our care. That discipline is expressed through cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and fasting.

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Karen F. Norton, Author & SAGU Alumna

Written with the busy person in mind, Marginalysis is only 82 pages and will help the reader analyze the margin in their life and reestablish and maintain intimate daily time with God. Accomplish more with less stress and more joy.

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Oaks Worship

This is the Oaks Church's first ever live worship album led by SAGU alumni & current SAGU OSL student, Karli Bouck.

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Campus Headlines

SAGU Professor Adopts Three Sibling Children

SAGU Social Work Instructor, Lacey Todd, and her husband Brian, invited three sibling children into their home and their family this past March.

Alumnus' Ministry Chosen for President Trump's Faith & Opportunity Initiative

Wiseman Ministries, founded by alumnus Tim Wiseman, was one of 20 national organizations picked for President Trump’s Faith & Opportunity Initiative. Through this initiative, Wiseman is able to grow his ministry, receive more funding opportunities, and help train other organizations to be successful.

Alumnus Presents How Smartphones Have Changed Preaching

Bearett Wolverton, SAGU alumnus and lead pastor for Grace Covenant Church of South San Francisco, presented a paper to the Evangelical Homiletics Society about the importance of public speaking and preaching in the smartphone age.

Alumnus Releases Gospel Album, "One Shepherd Boy"

Alumnus Russell Blackman released his album “One Shepherd Boy” in November of 2018. SAGU's spiritual atmosphere, worship experiences, and other resources helped with the songwriting process and creation of Blackman's album.

Alumna Mallorie Lough Serves as Senior Multimedia Coordinator for FC Dallas

Almuna Mallorie Lough, who graduated in the fall of 2016, realized God was calling her into ministry through soccer. She is currently serving in the position of Senior Multimedia Coordinator for FC Dallas, a Major League Soccer team.

Alumna Karen Norton Releases New Book, "Marginalysis"

SAGU alumna, Christian speaker and author Karen Norton recently released her new book for people to balance the busyness of life and an intimate relationship with Christ by creating healthy boundaries.

SAGU Students Volunteer at Uplift Prep Academy Reading Camp

SAGU alumna Lavenia Balina hosted her second annual Texas Bluebonnet Reading Camp at Uplift Williams Preparatory Academy last December, and was assisted by 15 SAGU Education students who aided in the activities and interacted with the younger children.

Student Spotlight: Sierra Sabido

Sierra Sabido, a senior majoring in Philosophy and Religion, reflects on her time spent at SAGU through a series of questions and answers.

SAGU Students Connect with Church Planters through CMN START

SAGU students had the opportunity to learn about the process of church planting and engage with church planters during this year's CMN START Conference.

SAGU Revamps Graduate Education Degree Programs

SAGU updated their Graduate Education programs for the 2019-2020 school year. In the fall of 2019, SAGU will offer three Master of Education degrees with specializations to fit a student’s particular interests.

SAGU Baseball Sweeps Randall University on Opening Weekend

SAGU Baseball started their 2019 season off strong with a four-game victory over Randall University on their opening weekend.

SAGU Track Excels at Jet Relays in Fort Worth

The SAGU Track had an impressive performance at this year's Jet Relays finishing 4th overall.

SAGU Cross Country Finishes Fourth at NCCAA Nationals

The men's cross country team represented SAGU for the sixth time at the NCCAA Cross Country Championships on November 10.

Lexi Rich Breaks the Single Season Scoring Title at SAGU

Nationally ranked and Honorable Mention All-American guard, Lexi Rich broke the single season scoring title this season.