Freddie Brookins (stage name-Freddie B.), recently released his first EP, “Wise Man Fools Heart.”

For Brookins, the EP is a culmination of his own personal, spiritual and relational growth over the past five years. “It’s what I believe love should be,” says Brookins. “It has love, heartbreak and shows my own past struggles.”

“Wise Man Fools Heart” immediately experienced success with over 250 people in attendance at the live EP release show at Lighthouse Coffee Bar in Midlothian on October 14, 2017. “There were so many people there that no one else could fit inside,” he said.

Initially, Brookins wanted to host the release at a smaller venue in fear that the number of attendees would be closer to around 50 people. However, Brookins was proven wrong as supporters packed the coffee shop to its maximum capacity. “That was one of the best nights of my life,” he said.

“Wise Man Fools Heart” features four tracks: “Cloud 9”, “Runaway”, “The City” and “Where did the Time Go.”

Each track holds special significance to Brookins as he presents listeners with a transparent view of his life including his own faults and shortcomings.

“For me, personally, the song that I love the most is ‘runaway.’ It’s about me running from my past and the place that I ended up. It’s a song of me owning up to the past.”

Brookins musical career is the result of God’s direction and blessing over his time as a student at SAGU. A few years ago, Brookins did not know how to even play an instrument. Through the help of his roommates and other students in his residence hall, Brookins learned to play guitar. After being shown a few chords, he fell in love with the instrument and soon began writing his own music. The rest is history.

So what describes him as a musician? Freddy simply says “conscious soul. I know I am accountable for the words I say. I wouldn’t even be playing guitar or doing this if it wasn’t for my faith.”

“I honestly didn’t really fall in love with this music until I started going to chapel as a student at SAGU. My soulful style, everything, is a result of what I learned here and from people who taught me.”

Along with soul, Brookins music has strong hints of jazz and blues along with some funk.

With graduation right around the corner for the senior, he is excited for all that God has in store for him and his musical career after receiving his diploma.

“I just want to play good music for people,” says Freddie. “I know there’s a lot of music out there but a lot of times, people aren’t really saying anything. I want people to not just have fun, but have an experience.”

“Wise Man Fools Heart” can be accessed on Spotify and purchased through iTunes and Amazon.