Richie Kotwica with the cast of “Family Talk”

Alumnus Richie Kotwica continues to make strides in the Christian Media industry through videography and photography for Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk.

Founded in 2010, Family Talk is a non-profit organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The ministry promotes and teaches biblical principles that support marriage, family and child development.

Kotwica says that he has “several very promising opportunities on the horizon” and goes on to state that “I am constantly pushing myself to explore my talents more fully.”

Kotwica entered SAGU in August of 2009 as a Theatre Major. However, after an Intro to Media class, he changed his major and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media Arts. Kotwica was active in his time at SAGU, filling roles in Theatre, Film Production and Student Government.

Rob Price, a close mentor of Kotwica said, “Richie was an exceptional student who always fully participated in class discussions and video production projects. His ability to quickly solve problems on film sets was exemplary and he quickly gained the respect of his peers. He treated his academic training with a sense of professionalism and focus that stood above most of his classmates. I could not be more proud of his character and integrity in handling all of the responsibilities I put on him as both a student leader and my Work-Study.”

Since graduating from SAGU, Kotwica said that he has had the opportunity to work with “high profile politicians, preachers, Christian speakers and presidential candidates.”

Along with his work at Family Talk, Richie is involved in feature-length documentaries and recently wrote a full-length play set to debut in 2017.

For those interested in entering the field of Digital Media Arts, Kotwica said, “The most important thing for students in my field to do is to simply do it like Nike: Just Do It..the most important thing to do is to grab a camera, get some friends together and start shooting.”