SAGU has partnered with The Waxahachie Project to use students to gather research addressing the greatest needs in Waxahachie for continual health and growth.

SAGU president Dr. Kermit Bridges said, "We do our best to encourage our students to engage in community service to make a difference. We have 40 students right now that are being trained to begin surveying the community." He continued, "We want to address the needs in the community in ways that are truly beneficial and make Waxahachie even better than it is today."

Students are compiling survey responses that will be reported in June 2016. These reports will provide valuable insight to strategically align efforts that will provide the greatest benefit to the Waxahachie community.

The survey will answer two vital questions: What does Waxahachie need that we can collaboratively address? What does Waxahachie do well that we can collaboratively support?

The vision of The Waxahachie project is to unite community leaders, business leaders, non-profits, churches, and educational institutions to work for the good of the City of Waxahachie.

President Bridges explained, "We always want our community outreach to be strategic, so when we had the opportunity to hear about The Waxahachie Project. We wanted to provide the boots on the ground to gather the information."

President Bridges concluded by saying, "We are blessed and thankful to be a part of The Waxahachie Project and the difference this will make in the community."

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