Recent Issues

Spring 2024

SAGU is walking into a new season as Nelson University! Taking the name Nelson University allows us to boldly identify with our remarkable founder, P.C. Nelson, whose vision and values have inspired and guided this institution for nearly a century. Learn more about his history and hear from alumni, students & friends of the university and how they are embracing this change.
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Fall 2023

Witness history in the making with the Board's approval of a University name change, SAGU students shaping the future of children's ministry and the court system, and the introduction of the University's first female vice president. Learn more about changes in the SAGU theatre department, international students excelling in sports, and more. Don't miss out on how SAGU's vibrant community is shaping the future!
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President’s Report 2023

Nestled within the pages of this edition of the President's Report, you will find inspiring stories of generations of students, alums, and faculty members impacted by SAGU. Each story exemplifies the spirit and dedication that have defined SAGU for the last century, from testimonies of overcoming challenges to achievements that have shaped industries. Join us as we celebrate SAGU's past and present, and are invited to consider how we may collectively continue leaving a legacy for generations to come.
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Spring 2023

As a forerunner in Christian higher education, SAGU's faculty, staff, students, and alums are trailblazers in their respective fields of work and study. In this edition, you'll meet Spirit-empowered leaders who own businesses and lead ministries, lead in local non-profits, and create one-of-a-kind recordings that have impacted listeners worldwide. See how God is using SAGU trailblazers to form a bright future for many generations.
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The 2027 Project

President’s Report 2022

In 2027, SAGU celebrates 100 years of equipping Spirit-empowered leaders for this moment. As a fun, faithful family, the university invites everyone at all levels and every stage of their SAGU journey an opportunity to contribute to the success of this once-in-a-century initiative over the next five years.
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Beyond Building - The framework of new beginnings

Spring 2022

SAGU is approaching a new stage of development as new buildings and initiatives are creating a framework for growth. Recent fundraising and generous donations have kickstarted the planning phase for a new academic building and the groundbreaking of a new athletic turf project. However, SAGU is setting the foundation for growth beyond these physical buildings through a new prayer initiative to cover every step of development in prayer.
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It Starts Here

Online President’s Report 2021

For thousands of our alumni, SAGU was a starting point. Their time in our community served as a catalyst—empowering and propelling them forward. In this issue, students and alumni spanning our 90-year history explain how SAGU was the first road of many in their journeys to discover and develop their God-given callings. These thousands have gone on to impact millions, and it all started here.
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A Faith Approach

Spring 2021

At SAGU, we understand that culture has shifted around us, but rather than changing the identity of who we are to match our culture's ideals, we grab hold of our roots. As a result, our students' purpose is fostered by a Christ-centered worldview and reinforced by a community of believers rallying behind them. We approach 2021 with boldness and determination and are excited to integrate our biblical values and worldview into our new Master of Arts in English degree.
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Milestones: Celebrating twenty years of Dr. Kermit Bridges' Presidency

Fall 2020

SAGU has reached many milestones during our 90-year history. Reflecting on our legacy, it’s clearly evident how God has blessed our community. He has provided us with righteous and anointed leaders and opened up remarkable ministry opportunities for the next generation of world-changers. In this issue, we celebrate and look back on Dr. Kermit Bridges’ 20-year presidency and the completion of our Mission TEN (To Every Nation) initiative.
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Summer 2020

In times of crisis, our perspective can make all the difference. In this issue, hear from President Bridges and our very own students as they reflect on the COVID-19 global pandemic and the recent acts of racially-motivated violence in our country. During times of tragedy and loss, God shows himself strong in the lives of his people and through having a healthy perspective shaped by faith, we can be sensitive to His voice in the midst of a crisis.
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A Loud Impact

Spring 2020

The next generation simply wants to make a positive difference in the world. We see this reflected in our students with many drawn to fields that deliver social benefits including one of our largest programs, Teacher Education. Our Teacher Education alumni are instilled with a deep understanding of their influence on the next generation and hundreds are now teaching in Texas classrooms with numerous advancing into administrative roles.
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An MBA At Your Own Pace

Fall 2019

SAGU welcomes innovation and opportunities for growth. That is why we are redesigning our Master’s in Business Administration degree. Beginning January of 2020, our MBA degree program will offer more personalization, course flexibility and the option to complete your degree at an accelerated rate.
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Online Education - Our vision for tomorrow

Summer 2019

In a climate where colleges continue to raise tuition prices, SAGU made the bold move to reset online tuition prices. The new, lower tuition rate makes online education at SAGU even more affordable. Plus, SAGU is working toward a new 7-week course model, with the pilot launching in 2020.
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Spring 2019

First grade teacher's Facebook post goes viral after composing a few paragraphs about a victory in the classroom. At only 28-years old, Sam Haynes has experienced significant corporate success despite being a Christian in a cut-throat business world. How should a Christian and a Christian university define success? Dr. Garland Owensby shares in this editorial feature.
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Lionhearted Heroes

Fall 2018

Missionary Elizabeth Galley Wilson endured horrific conditions as a POW during WWII but stayed true to her calling to missions. Middle School Teacher, Lee Guidry, shares how God gave him the courage to confront a school shooter and save the life of one of his students. Ryan and Courtney Ragozine initiate a house church movement to minister to a segment of society who will not attend a normal church setting.
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Steadfast in the midst of a Cultural Shift

Online President’s Report 2018

Steadfast in the Midst of a Cultural Shift - Despite a shifting culture, our core values remain. Read stories of alumni who embrace a Biblical Worldview and demonstrate the values we hold dear in their respective fields.
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Empowered Women

Spring 2018

Brandy Tuesday ministers to enslaved women who are victims of sexual trafficking. Jamie Stanley and Chariti Lough are driven to provide the necessary resources for expecting mothers at the Southwest Pregnancy Services. Renay West, Assemblies of God Missionary Evangelist, shares a message of freedom and love to victims of sexual abuse.
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Winter 2017

Fille Kinyamahanga shares a powerful story of God's protection over her and her family during the Gatumba Massacre in Burundi, Africa. Students and alumni discuss Mission TEN's influence on their college careers and general perspective on life. Alumni and ministers in Houston provide disaster relief to Hurricane Harvey victims.
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President's Report Commemorative Edition - Celebrate SAGU 90

Online President’s Report 2017

President's Report Root fire: A reflection on our founding Ripples of War: The effects of WWII on the school Gone in a Flash: The most memorable of fires forces change
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Spring 2017

SAGU alumni and licensed clinical psychologists experience success in their practices and ministries. Dr. Nicole Linen provides care and motivation for athletes at Auburn University. Captain (Dr.) Sam Oldham provides mental health treatments for the United States Air Force at Sheppard Air Force Base. Dr. Heather Gilliam ministers to adolescents struggling with eating disorders by helping them to find their identities through Christ.
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Crescendo: Artists on the rise

Winter 2016

SAGU Alumni break barriers and find their way into the music industry. NEONNOAH, an Indie Pop/Rock band founded by Conner Mckinzie and Esteban Flores, continue to make waves in the Dallas music scene. William "Zeek" Elliott finds his entrance into the hip hop industry. Josh Aldrich uses his musical talents to minister to the French-speaking world.
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President's Report - 2016

Online President’s Report 2016

Our latest President's report focusing on giving opportunities. Read stories of how gifts given to the University have changed the lives of many.
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Gentle Influence

Spring 2016

Alumna Paola Cueller builds a ministry from motels that leads to a White House invitation. Fernando Sanchez receives White House honors for teaching. Alumnus Luis Padilla plants churches in Argentina.
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SAGUToday - Non-stop. Resolve and faith in the face of adversity

Fall 2015

Alumnus author Nathan Rouse tackles the meaning of unstoppable faith in the midst of adversity. Student Jessica Creamer aims for higher purpose in Central America. Alumnus Mike Holloway downloads on his experience as winner of ABC Survivor.
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Bridge Builders

Summer 2015

Professor receives grant to International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics. SAGU returns to NAIA National Tournament for the fourth time. And SAGU bids farewell to Dean Leroy Bartel.
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Uncommon - Influence, Mission, Leadership, Reach, Perspective, Value

Fall 2014

Men's Basketball Mission Trip. Archaeological excavation at Israel. SAGU welcomes first Doctorate of Ministry cohort SAGU launches extension sites. Uncommon dreams - William Elliott.
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Higher Summits

Spring 2014

SAGU launches MBA. Dr. Uglow publishes novel of historical western series. Dean LeRoy Bartel earns Distinguished Educator Award SAGU named as 2013 Great Colleges to Work For SAGU makes top teachers education colleges list.
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New College Finds a New Home - Hagee Communications Center opens

Winter 2013

SAGU offers theatre education EC-12 program Ancient studies students uncover Philistine fragment Alumna Karina White named Teacher of the Year Football Lions make history with 4-win streak, winning record Hagee Communication Center Opens.
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SAGUToday - President's Report

Summer 2013

SAGUToday - WInter 2012

Winter 2012

Lions Advance Through Internships (the ultimate social network)

Summer 2012

SAGUToday - Spring 2012

Spring 2012


Fall 2011

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Fall 2010

Southwestern Today - Expanded Opportunity

Spring 2010

Integrity, Service & Excellence - SAGU Alumnus Promoted to Brigadier General

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