Yes. You should definitely go to class. I get it, 8 a.m classes aren’t inherently fun, and few people are ever down for a rigorous discussion over the Pythagorean theorem. Take it from a college senior though, there are many solid reasons as to why you should go to class instead of sitting in your dorm staring at the wall. 

So, here are the top three reasons why you should get out of bed, grab your bag, and head to class!

1. Going to Class Does Wonders for Homework

Ask any professor. They’ll tell you there’s a significant difference in grades between students who consistently go to class and students who consistently skip. A 2010 study done by the Review of Educational Research found that students who receive better grades are intrinsically motivated to show up to class. So, why is that? 

A lot is covered in class that won’t be in your reading. Being present helps you begin processing the content to practice on your own later. Also, professors will often outline course projects in class and go into greater detail than what’s listed on the syllabus. Being present for such discussions will save you a sheepish trip or two to the professor’s office. 

2. You Want to be in Your Professor’s good graces

Professors have a good gauge as to who’s putting in the effort and who’s just going through the motions. Some professors are really nice and will have mercy on you despite where you fall on that gauge, but most will know that you don’t attend regularly and know that you’ve sunk yourself into your own hole. What hole, you ask? The, “I wasn’t present when the professor said we had to do this, and now I don’t know what to do,” hole. It happens to everyone at least once, and there is grace for the student who doesn’t fall into that hole frequently, but professors aren’t blind. They know who’s putting in the hours and who isn’t. God gives grace unconditionally, but professors do not. 

3. You are There to Learn

Unlike high school, a college education is a choice. No one is making you go. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you’re wasting your time, find out if your college degree is worth it.  Education isn’t a passive thing. If you fight the system, you will be miserable the entire way. Allow yourself to be lead. What you’re being taught is valuable. There are few times in your life where you will be so poured into. Make the most of it. I know 8 are the bane of anyone who isn’t a morning person, and I know you don’t love all of your subjects, but it’s okay to be uncomfortable. You can sleep when you’re dead. 

About the Author

Stephanie Van Wyk
Stephanie Van Wyk

Stephanie received her bachelor’s degree in English from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in 2021. She is passionate about the world of storytelling, artistry in all mediums, and is incapable of resisting any dog over 50 pounds.

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