"Where do you think you'll intern? You're going to get an internship, right? You DO know how important it is?"

I couldn't stand these questions as a college student. Even typing them now brought back some anxiety. But you know what? I have been out of college for a while now, and if there is anything that I wish I could change about my college studies, it's that I wish I had more out-of-the-classroom experience. I wish that I had taken the time to find more hands-on learning opportunities, specifically internships. In this blog, I share how an internship is truly the GOAT when it comes to practical, real-world application of your studies and a step in the right direction for your future! Here are four reasons why your college internship matters. 

There are many times in life when it is okay to go with the flow and show up unprepared—sorry to burst your bubble here, but college is not typically one of them. However, no need to panic. If you're an incoming college student, then this list is for you! If you're going to live on-campus and most likely in a dormitory, then you need to seriously consider bringing these items!

Yes. You should definitely go to class. I get it, 8 a.m classes aren’t inherently fun, and few people are ever down for a rigorous discussion over the Pythagorean theorem. Take it from a college senior though, there are many solid reasons as to why you should go to class instead of sitting in your dorm staring at the wall. 

Rather than making you dig through this entire article to get a straight answer, I’m going to give it to you upfront: College is worth it if it’s worth it to you. It’s a great place to learn new skills, make friends, and discover your passion, but it’s no secret that it’s a big financial investment and requires a lot of time and effort. So how do you know if it’s worth it to you? Let's dive in. 

College is the time to explore your interests, find new ones, discover hidden facets of your personality, make friends, and grow as a person. One of the best ways you can make the most of this time is to get involved on campus. College is the perfect time to make lasting connections and even network for your future career. While there is a certain appeal to watching Netflix or playing video games with your roommate all day, you may not be setting yourself up to make the most of your time in college. So, how can you get involved? Here are some steps to get you started. 

Let’s face it; college isn’t exactly a walk in the park especially life in the dorms. But, with the right planning and a few trips to Walmart, you can create a cozy, stress-free space to come home to at the end of the day.

Here are five tips to make dorm life a little easier. 

Ladies, let’s face it. The dilemma of dressing cute and not slipping into crippling poverty is a fine line to walk. I once heard someone say that it’s not that they don’t have a fashion sense, they just can’t afford it. And all the women said,  “Amen!” Thankfully, there are some tricks to trendy dressing without breaking the bank. 

College would be so much fun if it wasn’t for the schoolwork, right? It would just seem like a never-ending summer camp. However, you’re probably not spending money and taking out student loans for an endless summer camp. You're there for a degree, and I'm assuming that if you're reading this, you don't want to just pass - you want to do a good job. Now, I don’t know about you, but my level of enjoyment in life significantly plummets when I’m not getting the grades I want. But at the same time, I also don’t want to spend my life cramming for tests and writing comparisons of the psyches of William Shakespeare and Steven Spielberg. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to stay on top without collapsing from exhaustion.

Let's face it – trying to find a decent Christian fiction author is a gamble. Christian non-fiction is pretty simple. Biographies of heroic missionaries or Joyce Meyer's newest spiritual warfare guides are always rewarding and inspiring, but sometimes, we want something a little more tantalizing to the imagination. 

We typically turn to the internet to find something more exciting in the Christian literature world. The problem is that Christian fiction tends to be quite...exotic. It's hard to know what's a legitimately good read, and what can seem just plain weird. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of Christian fiction authors for you. Check it out!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably starting to wonder about life after the tassel crosses to the left side of the mortarboard. Or, maybe you’ve taken some time off after high school and are feeling the call to go back in. 

The problem is, there wasn’t exactly an itinerary stapled to your birth certificate. We walk with God on this tumultuous trek by faith, meaning we don’t always know where we’re going. That makes it a little difficult when you’re filling out the “area of study” section of a college application. It’s intimidating to pick a subject!