Church Planters

Are you seeking to fulfill your God-given calling to ministry?

At SAGU, we offer the training you need at the price you can afford. As an on-campus church-leadership major, you’ll qualify for 50% tuition discount!*


Theology & Apologetics

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery as you explore the fascinating realms of Biblical, systematic, and historical theology! Unleash your potential to effectively equip the church with the knowledge and tools needed to inspire and transform lives.

Biblical Preaching Lab

Unlock your full potential in the art of communication and Biblical exegesis as you glean from skilled and anointed teachers of the scriptures. Together, you’ll learn to successfully harness essential skills and become equipped to share the life-changing message of the Christ with others!

Leadership Internships

Learn and practice current church leaders in their ministries and churches and grow in the skills you are learning. Our internship program provides you with the connections and practice you’ll need to make a lasting impact in your local church!

Manage Resources

Discover the essential skills needed to effectively manage and steward the financial, technological, and human resources of your local church! Get the tools and insights necessary to successfully navigate the complex world of church management and emerge as a visionary leader in your community.

Pastoral Leadership

Develop the personal and professional skills in ministerial ethics, community outreach, intercultural communication, and church health! Our comprehensive training program empowers you to effectively reach and inspire the diverse range of individuals in your local community, while also fostering a healthy and sustainable church culture.

Accelerated Graduate Program Opportunity

Upon formal admission to our graduate school, 36 credits can apply towards an MOL. Gain a competitive edge in the job market by fast-tracking your career and learn to lead teams and drive change through theoretical coursework and practical experience.


On average, there are four open ministry positions for every SAGU grad.

Specialize in the following: Church Planting, Church Revitalization, Global Compassion Leadership, Pastoral Leadership, Spiritual Formation, Worship Ministry, Youth and Student Ministry, Children and Family Ministries, Media Ministry and General Ministries

Join the #1 university in Texas for best theology and religious degrees.

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“The Lord used my time at SAGU as a continued prepping and training season for the calling that he placed in my life as a teenager.  One of the most impactful things during my time at Southwestern was the people.”

Luke S.

Students Pastor at The Power Place Church

“My time at SAGU not only prepared me but it also connected me to like-minded people. I now have people who encourage me to keep pursuing the calling God gave me even after earning my bachelors in Church Leadership.”


Natalie S.

Children’s Pastor, Trinity Church Waxahachie

“The foundation of a SAGU education gave me the tools I needed to become a proactive and compassionate leader while handling the challenges of Youth Ministry. My SAGU friendships still influence me today, pushing me to pursue my calling while guiding the next generation.”


Daytrian H. 

Student Pastor, Victory Family Church

“As Christians, we are called to love God and love others. SAGU’s Church Leadership program equips Christians with practical tools and ten specializations to serve the local church according to their Holy Spirit-given gifts.”

-Dr. Clancy Hayes

Dean, College of Bible and Church Ministries

If you’re looking for a church leadership degree in the DFW area, SAGU is for you!

If you have a high school diploma and ready grow in the work of ministry, apply here.

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