SAGU’s Assessments (IE) Team is responsible to research and evaluate the extent to which SAGU fulfills the broad-based goals of its mission (2.5; 3.1.1). The committee shall refine and oversee a useful system of assessment for the student learning outcomes of its academic majors (, and the established outcomes of its administrative support services (, educational support services ( and community/public service ( The committee will seek input and training about assessment in accordance with contemporary standards, and provide feedback and training to University personnel concerning their assessment goals and activities. Additionally the committee will review the periodic reports of the General Education Committee (3.5.1) and ensure that assessment activities function well in student support services (2.10). The committee further serves to review and/or suggest to the administration practices, time tables, tools and methods of institutional effectiveness which will support the improvement of the University across the scope of its academic and non-academic units, and the whole scope of the educational program across all modes of delivery. The committee functions under the administration of the Vice President for Academics.

Strategic Planning Review Committee

The Strategic Planning Review Committee serves in a complimentary role to the IE team- focusing specifically on the review and tracking of SAGU’s strategic planning in the TracDat assessment software system.

TracDat Training and Resources

All team members will receive ongoing training in TracDat as part of regular committee meetings. Specific information about general SAGU processes in TracDat are available on the IE webpage.

For specific help with setting up or working in TracDat, team members can consult Nuventive training through this link:
TracDat Portfolio for End Users .
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