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Covarrubias Corner

Men’s Track Athlete of the Week : Nicholas Henderson

  • “Nicholas has truly bought into what we are doing here at SAGU! He comes to work daily and improves and this award is testament to that! Nick deserves to be the first NAIA national qualifier to run on the track for our program. He did it for indoor and now outdoor! There will be many more awards like this!”

Men’s Field Athlete of the Week: Winston Griffith

  • “I am happy for Winston and am more excited about this coming weekend because he is getting another crack at the decathlon. Our plan at the commerce meet was to put him each event that he needed to improve from his last decathlon with the hope to improve his overall point total at TAMU-Kingsville. We knew he had room for improvement in these events but never would have thought that he’d win a SAC award for it! He’s attention to detail and focus on his craft is the reason why he was chosen. Congrats Winnie!”

Women’s Field Athlete of the Week: Gabriella Anato

  • “Gabby is starting to come into her own! The potential has always been there but it is starting to click for her! It’s crazy to think that she scored more points at Commerce than 8 other schools! This award is well deserved!”

The Next Step

  • The Lions will compete in Abilene, TX at the McMurryInvite on Saturday, April 17 th
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