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On Tuesday, August 31, approximately 300 SAGU students participated in “Lions at Work” to reach out to the surrounding communities. The event was part of New Student Orientation. In addition to serving the community and representing SAGU, the outreach taught incoming freshman the importance of serving and volunteering in the community.

“The Lions at Work event was an excellent opportunity to serve, grow, and connect with fellow students,” said Joshua Harris. “It is always great to be able to help others and follow God’s command that ‘each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.’ In this case there was also the blessing of getting to know new people.”

The community service event included eighteen locations in Waxahachie, Lancaster, Desoto, Red Oak, Ennis, and Midlothian. At Waxahachie Bible Church, students were involved in cleaning. According to Sheila Garden, “The most rewarding part was knowing that God had entrusted us with even a small thing as cleaning a church and will trust us with more and more when we serve and give with a compassionate heart.”

“I experienced how easily people get to know each other when working side-by-side,” commented Trina Reynolds. “I was also reminded that persevering for the cause of Christ is not always glamorous. We did not pray with anyone or lead anyone to salvation, but through hard work and persistence we helped lighten a children’s pastor’s load so that she could be freed to do more ministry.”

A group of students went to the Waxahachie Senior Center, where they cleaned and visited with residents. “I enjoyed going to be with them,” remarked Lauren Pettitt. “Seeing the expression on their faces when we joined with them in an activity that they love was priceless. They were so grateful for us spending time with them and depending on them to learn the steps. I want to go back and volunteer at the Waxahachie Senior Center on a regular basis.”

Students painted the playground and did yard work at Highland Meadows Church in Red Oak. Meanwhile, another group of students helped at the Lancaster Outreach, a local food bank and thrift store. According to Erika DelGuzzo, “I am extremely thankful to God that he has given me the life I live, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to serve people that are just in need of a little encouragement in their lives.”

“I thank God for the amazing blessings He has given me,” added Pamela Castro. “There are so many people in need of our help and sometimes we are just too ignorant to realize it. It also made me realize that I should be grateful for the things I have. I’m glad I had this awesome experience; helping others and knowing that I’m making a difference is just a great feeling.”

Other locations included Connect4Life, the Cowboy Church of Ellis County, the Ellis County Sheriff’s office, Meals on Wheels, Renfro Health Care, The Avenue Church, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, and Foundations of Life Church. Students were involved in a variety of activities, including yard work, cleaning, delivering meals, organizing and painting.

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