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April 7, 2021 | Stephanie Van Wyk

Waxahachie, TX

Q: Can you explain your role as the Executive Director of the NTD Foundation? What interested you in this line of work?

My primary role is the Director of the North Texas District (NTD) Church Loan Fund. We are a private investment fund that gives investment opportunities to individuals, churches, and business clients, and we also provide incredible interest rates. In turn, we use the invested funds to provide real estate loans to Assembly of God churches in the State of Texas. The NTD Foundation was established to encourage and promote the granting of gifts and donations to ministries and churches of the North Texas District.  The NTD Foundation was founded as a way to fund ministry within the North Texas District for generations to come. It seemed like a natural fit with what I already do with the NTD Church Loan Fund.

Q: I learned that you also have your own podcast! What topics do you discuss with your guests?

One of our roles at the North Texas District is to equip our credentialed ministers. The NTD Leadership Podcast is a way to bring relevant and practical topics and interviews to our ministers. I was asked to take this over right before COVID hit, so its purpose shifted last year to be a resource geared to churches navigating the new normal. This year, we are in the process of recording several new episodes on a variety of topics with some very special guests, so subscribe to be notified when new episodes drop !

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Any fun hobbies or interests?

My wife, Haley and I are blessed with 4 incredible kids, ranging from a senior in high school to our youngest in kindergarten. Our kids keep us busy with sports and extracurriculars. In our free time, we enjoy traveling, going to sporting events, and I love to play golf.

Q: What led you to SAGU? Are you originally from DFW?

I moved to the Waxahachie area three years ago to accept my current role at the North Texas District office. Prior to that, I was the Lead Pastor at New Life Assembly near Owasso, Oklahoma. I was a bi-vocational pastor and also worked in the banking and finance ministry. The North Texas District has an incredible relationship with SAGU, so when I decided it was time to get my master’s degree, SAGU seemed like the perfect fit!

Q: How has your experience been so far with the MBA program? What have you enjoyed most?

“I can’t say enough positive things about SAGU’s MBA program. Having received my bachelor’s in 2004, it was a bit of an adjustment for me going back to school.  The best part about the program for me is that every course has taught me something that I’ve been able to implement into my job and help me improve in leadership.”

Robert with wife, Haley, and their four children
Robert with wife, Haley, and their four children

Q: I’ve heard that you are looking for ways to integrate business and ministry. Could you share a little bit about this?

I feel like one of the primary reasons I was a bi-vocational pastor and worked in business for the past 20 years was to utilize those learned skills and experiences to serve in my current role. Our Secretary-Treasurer, Gregg Headley, describes me as a “needle in a haystack” because my unique experience perfectly qualified me for the role I serve in now at the North Texas District.

I work with Pastors every week who oftentimes admit that one area of ministry they feel underqualified in is in the business and financial area of leading a church, which is also a fully operating business.  My heart and passion are to equip Pastors to have the skills and understanding to confidently lead both the spiritual and business lanes of church ministry.

Q: If you could just list one takeaway from SAGU’s MBA program, what would that be and why?

“I am grateful to earn a degree geared towards business from a college that challenges me to integrate faith in every part of the educational journey. I’m challenged both to grow in leadership and in my faith through SAGU’s MBA program.”

We are excited for the ways God will continue to use Robert’s gifts and training at SAGU to make a positive impact! If you are pursuing real-world, practical business training, then check out our award-winning MBA program ! We recently redesigned the whole MBA program to offer more personalization, course flexibility, and the option to complete your degree at an accelerated rate!

For more information about the recent changes made to the degree program, click here .

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