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September 27, 2019 | Marie D. Magana

Year: Senior

Major: Business Management on the accelerated track to MBA

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Q: How did you first hear about SAGU?

My two older brothers graduated from SAGU and they both had great experiences and made great friends so I always wanted to have that same experience. I’m so glad that I wanted to follow in their footsteps.

Q: What led you to the MBA program and how do you intend to use it?

This program allows me to get a head start on my MBA while still counting credits toward my undergrad degree and overall I can get my MBA faster. I intend to use the degree to work in upper-level management in a corporation & eventually start my own business.

Q: What drew you to student congress and how do you juggle that with your accelerated MBA classes?

Since my freshman year, Student Congress has been a place where I knew my ideas wouldn’t be turned away, a place where I felt I was making a difference—a place where I belonged. Student Congress is the perfect avenue to make friends and make a difference. Time management has become a crucial practice in my life since becoming President and taking upper level and master business classes. I have to force myself to set aside time to do my homework when I would rather hang out with friends or take a nap. You can do so much with your life if you just set aside the time.

Q: Why did you first want to become Student Congress president?

The Student Congress President during my freshman year, Mary Mansour, made me excited to be a part of what Student Congress was doing. She encouraged me and still continues to do that. She’s the reason I wanted to be President because of the impact she had on my life.

Q: What about student congress do you feel most passionate about?

Student Congress is a place where everyone can belong and I love that. It exists to provide opportunities for social connection, spiritual growth, scholastic achievement, and school pride. Student Congress has given me some of my closet friends, my greatest opportunities and some of my fondest memories. As President, I want every student and every person who steps onto this campus to feel like they’ve found a place to belong here. I love being able to provide moments for students to connect and make friends just like I have through Student Congress.

Q: What is one way that God has impacted your faith at SAGU?

God has stretched me and has taught me so much in my time here. I’ve learned the importance of developing a relationship with God one-on-one. It’s so easy to burnout if you aren’t continually making time to seek Him for yourself outside of chapel. Often times I’ll start to stress about my plans, but I’ve learned that when I intentionally pursue Jesus my next step will always be the right one. Your timing and your position will always be right if you are consistently pursuing Him.

Q: How do you feel the Lord has used you to impact student congress and the community here at SAGU?

In my time as President, we have more than tripled Student Congress Organizations and attendance at all of our events has raised each year. I’ve strived to intentionally lead Student Congress in a way that we can give everyone a place to feel welcomed, loved, and accomplished. I feel like I’ve left my mark on SAGU and my goal is to help those around me feel the same.

Q: What are you most excited about after graduation?

SAGU has given me a business education that makes me feel prepared for the future. SAGU has also given me the opportunity to lead hands-on. I’m excited to finish out my MBA & jump into the real business workforce wherever the door opens.

Want to learn more about SAGU’s bachelor’s degree in Business Management? Click here .

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