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December 6, 2019 | Marie D. Magana

Major : History

Hometown : Garland, Texas

Q: What led you to SAGU?

I first came to SAGU for Campus Days in the spring of 2010 during my junior year of high school. I later ended up deciding against school and worked random jobs until I joined the Army in 2014.

In 2017 I had my ‘Jonah in the whale’ moment when I received a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) after getting behind the wheel with a dozen drinks in my system, which led to my departure from the Army. After moving back home I quickly returned to the bottle and began to drink heavier out of a spirit of depression. It was during this time of drunkenness that God showed up and made it very clear He was
going to deliver me from this addiction. It was also during this time He began to remind me of my call to SAGU and after over a month of wrestling with Him, I surrendered to Him and on May 11th, 2018, I poured all my beer & whiskey down the drain and committed to come to SAGU.

Q: Has SAGU had any influence on your recovery?

SAGU has been a tremendous help in my recovery as everyone from President Bridges down has been an incredible encouragement to me. Many professors, coaches, and students have all at some point reached out to me to make sure I am doing okay. I was expecting to be looked down upon and judged for my past mistakes, but to God’s glory, everyone has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. A few weeks ago, I celebrated a year and a half free from alcohol and I am thankful that SAGU has been there for me in this journey.

Q: How do you intend to use your degree?

I want to work with battlegrounds, monuments, and other historical sites. Since coming to SAGU, God has renewed a passion for the ancient near east which is an area I would like to disciple in.

Q: Why did you first want to get involved in the SAGU’s Veterans Group?

God gave me the vision for Veterans of SAGU during my first semester here in the fall of 2018. I wanted there to be a community where veterans could come together in community and fellowship and be real with fellow veterans who understand what we go through and where we come from.

Q: Where did you get your passion and appreciation for the military?

My father and both my grandfathers are all veterans. My earliest appreciation for the military was also the day I recall developing my love for history when my family drove up on the San Jacinto Battleground outside Houston where Texas won her independence.

I served in the Army as an 11B Infantryman for 3 years. I have a cousin currently serving in the Air Force; my father served in the Army, and my grandfathers served in the Army and Air Force respectively.

Q: What is your vision for the Veterans of SAGU?

I’m passionate about this ministry as we are shining a light into the critical need for ministry to the Veteran community. 22 Veterans commit suicide every day and we as the church can rise up and bring His light to this darkness. I desire SAGU to be yearly awarded the title of “Veteran-Friendly School,” and I want to do everything in the abilities and passions that He’s given me to help SAGU in serving our veterans’ educational and faith pursuits.

Q: Any exciting upcoming developments for this group?

We are planning on having evangelistic/mission opportunities to serve the veteran community in the surrounding communities and plan on having the SAGU family join us in serving our veterans.

Q: How has your faith been impacted by your time at SAGU?

I had been running and wrestling with God for many years before He led me to SAGU, and since being here, God has brought me back to where He needs me to be. In addition to Him delivering me from my addictions, He has impacted my faith my becoming grounded in Scripture and involved in the communities He has placed me in.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

I desire to continue my education to earn my master’s & doctoral degree while beginning to work with historical sites.

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