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May 19, 2021

Waxahachie, TX

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) was recently ranked for having one of the nation’s best bachelor’s degrees for history and social studies by College Rank .

College Rank generates rankings such as the best bachelor’s in history based on research gathered from average mid-careers earnings of graduates and factors such as overall affordability, degree flexibility, and classroom experience.

“I’m delighted that our History bachelor’s degree program is in the Top 30 nationwide. In SAGU’s History program, we try to balance classroom learning, research, and hands-on interaction with historical sites, seminars, and museums.” — Dr. Loyd Uglow, SAGU History Department Chair

SAGU’s bachelor’s in history covers deep subject areas in history and social studies including economic history, world civilizations, early America, Medieval history, and Modern history.

Through this degree, students will learn to:

  • Design accurate responses to hypothetical problems in historical scenarios
  • Explain points of comparison and contrast between different civilizations and societies
  • Identify, define, or explain significant ideas, facts, and concepts in American and world history
  • Assess the impact of policies and actions by people and governments

SAGU’s degree program will also provide a strong base of knowledge and equip undergraduate students for advanced research and expression in master’s level history studies. History majors gain valuable skills in research, writing, and analysis. These skills often lead to promising careers in education, public history, and preservation!

According to the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s 2017 Labor Market study, history majors earn a mid-career median salary of $62,000 a year, which is roughly $25,000 higher than the national median salary reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

SAGU also offers a bachelor’s degree in Ancient Studies focusing on the investigation and analysis of thousands-of-year-old western and non-western civilizations. Students can explore thousands of years worth of nations, religions and philosophies as you consider history in the realm of biblical archaeology.

“I like to put it this way—at SAGU, our History students are ‘going places.'” — Dr. Loyd Uglow

“Reading and lecture can only take students so far in their understanding of history. They also need to actually see the places where historical events took place, and they need to hear from voices beyond those of our History professors, talented though they are. The Covid pandemic has admittedly put a crimp in our usual travels, but we’re coming back from the forced isolation and again planning more jaunts to places where history actually happened.”

To learn more about our bachelor’s in History, click here .

To view the full ranking list from College Rank, click here .

As a leading Christian university, SAGU educates and prepares individuals who want to serve Christ and others. SAGU helps students discover and develop their God-given callings in a Spirit-empowered, learning community.

We believe in affordable tuition, made possible in part through the financial support of donors who embrace the mission of SAGU and the importance of affordable, accredited programs to train Christians for leadership in ministry, business, education, and service.

Most majors are available in-person in Waxahachie, TX, and online through a wide range of associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

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