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Waxahachie, Texas — November 12, 2013 — Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) professor Rob Price released co-authored book titled “The Blood Covenant: The story of God’s extraordinary love for you” on Oct. 1, 2013.

The book gives readers a solid understanding of how the Bible is comprised of a series of critical covenants between God and man. It encourages readers to view the Bible through a covenant lens to see the elements that offer unmistakable pointers to Jesus Christ.

Price said, “The Covenant is the key component of Scripture and God’s revelation of Himself to mankind.” He continued, “I think it’s critical for Christian believers to fully understand what they got themselves into when they said ‘yes’ to Jesus.”

The book helps readers understand the covenant nature of God within himself and provides an understandable concept of the Trinity. Price writes, “The everlasting covenant helps to explain the reason God chose to create a free moral agent who could enter into God’s love.”

Price has a deep desire for the world to come to Christ through a covenant-based Gospel message. Price’s many conversations with James Garlow inspired them to co-author a book refreshing one of Garlow’s earlier works titled “The Covenant.”

Price spoke on “The Blood Covenant” in SAGU ‘s chapel on October 22. He shared with students, “A covenant is the exchange of someone’s life. It is not a contract. A contract is an agreement in ink. A covenant is an agreement in blood.”

Click here to watch his sermon.

He also wrote “Blood Brother” — a historically based novella about the story of David, Jonathan and Mephibosheth found in I Samuel and II Samuel.

Price is from Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1991, he graduated from Evangel University with a Bachelor of Science in broadcasting/journalism, and graduated in 1997 from Regent University with a master’s degree in TV/film.

Prior to coming to SAGU , Price was part of the pastoral leadership team at Lakeview Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, serving as Media Outreach Pastor for seven years. Prior to his pastoral role, Price worked for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) for several years, traveling around the world as a television reporter and producer.

He directs SAGU ‘s Communication Arts – Digital Media Arts program and teaches a variety of courses within the specialization. He also serves as executive producer for all major student film projects and documentaries. Under Price’s direction, SAGU ‘s student-led film projects have won multiple industry and film festival awards.

Price is completing a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting and film studies at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. He and his wife Sharon have four children: Jessica, Jenson, Jenna and Jamison. They reside in Midlothian, Texas.

Click here to order “The Blood Covenant.”

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) is a private, Christian university located 30 minutes south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Waxahachie, Texas . The university was established in 1927, and now offers more than 70 associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees on campus or online. More information is available at or by calling 1-888-YES-SAGU.

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