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November 15, 2019 | Andrew Hurst

Lions' Senior Linebacker Landon Jones
Landon Jones, Senior Linebacker for the SAGU Lions

Senior Linebacker for Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Football , Landon Jones, was selected to play in the inaugural NAIA Senior Football Classic . The brand new event for the NAIA will take place in Savannah, Georgia , on December 14.

“When I first received the news, I was actually really excited but humble in that not everybody has the same opportunity that I have in playing in a Senior Bowl Game,” said Jones. “I feel like being selected to play in the bowl game recognizes me as one of the top senior football players in the NAIA and gives me another opportunity to showcase my talent as why I am one of the best in the NAIA and having an opportunity to play at the next level.”

This game will provide a stage for elite NAIA football players from around the country to gain exposure for professional football organizations. Players are nominated and selected by NAIA Head Coaches so it came by no surprise to SAGU Head Football Coach, Ryan Smith, when he received the news of Jones being selected.

“He was an All-American last season and is one of the greatest defensive football players in our program’s history,” said Coach Smith. Jones is a 4-year Letterman with a career total of 306 tackles and counting and 15.5 tackles-for-a-loss (TFLs) over the course of his time at SAGU.

According to Smith, some of Jones’ greatest assets include his work ethic, attention to detail, understanding of the game, and his “grit.”

“His level of play has helped launch us as a football program in a highly competitive conference. He has been a model of consistency on this campus for four years.” Smith also mentioned Jones’ impressive GPA and diligence in his other commitments off the field.

While Jones’ career with the SAGU Lions is nearing an end, Jones believes the program will leave a lasting impact on not just his abilities as a football player but in the development of his character.

“The SAGU football program has molded me into the man I want to be now and in the future.” – Landon Jones

“I have grown and matured as a man and that matters to me because there is always room for improvement to grow as a man,” says Jones.  “As a player, throughout my career, it has helped me gain a different perspective on the game and how it should be played. If anything, it has helped me to be a better leader and football player. I have always been instinctive and the game has come easy for me but I became more hungry, competitive and passionate about the game and I am driven to make it to the next level. This program has strengthened my belief because we didn’t only hammer the football aspect. The coaches continually hammered on the spiritual and mental focus and strength you need to get through the game and embrace it.”

As Jones wraps up his senior year and final season with SAGU Football, he begins making preparations for the next chapter in his life-making it to the National Football League (NFL).

“I’ve had this dream since I was young and I always believed and still do believe that I can make it.”

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