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Waxahachie, TX

November 26, 2018 | Andrew Hurst

Beverly Robinson, Career Development Director, speaks at the dedication celebration

The Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Career Development office recently dedicated their enhanced Career Center in honor of Vice President Terry Phipps.

Because of a long family history with SAGU, the Phipps family was honored to contribute to the Career Development Center for current and future students.

“It was a wonderful time of celebrating the Phipps family and their contribution to SAGU,” says Beverly Robinson, Director of Career Development. “A lot of students, faculty, and staff attended so it was very well received.”

The dedication took place on Thursday, November 15, in the Phipps Career Center where an open house was held for students to learn more information about the scope of services and resources offered. According to Robinson, the ceremony was the culmination of a process that began two years ago. Due to an increasing number of students enrolling in SAGU’s distance education program, Career Development looked for ways to offer its services conveniently to students who are unable to physically attend seminars or take advantage of the office’s resources on campus.

Because of the generosity and support of the Phipps family, the enhanced Phipps Career Center can now live stream seminars for distance education students.

Robinson says that thanks to the Media Services team, the Phipps Career Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology enabling students to have access to a plethora of career resources at the click of a mouse.

In addition to a greater access to the office’s resources, alumni speakers throughout the country and overseas can now be filmed or streamed live for seminars. This will allow for more guest speakers and career experts who would otherwise be unable to speak due to their location.

“I am just very excited to reach all of our students. That’s the bottom line. There’s no limitations now. I will able to even do a session the other day with one of the other Schools of Ministry (SOM) sites up in Wisconsin. So, that was also exciting for me-to realize that our School of Ministry students will have access to the same resources that our on-campus students do.”

To learn more about Career Development, click here .

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