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Waxahachie, TX

May 9, 2019 | Mikayla Heldt

On the set of Forgiven Felons with Rob Price and Sting, WWE wrestler
On the set of Forgiven Felons with Rob Price, head of SAGU’s DMA program (center),
Steve Borden-formerly known as WWE wrestler “Sting”, and subjects of the

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Cinema released their long-awaited film production, “ Forgiven Felons: A Documentary Series ” this past April at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, Texas .

According to Dr. Del Guynes, Dean of SAGU’s College of Music and Communication Arts, the film is in many ways the most meaningful and worthwhile undertaking of SAGU Cinema since student films became a part of SAGU’s DMA program.

The documentary is about an organization called Forgiven Felons – where formerly incarcerated men can ease back into society and become a productive citizen again or for the first time. It highlights the lives of six residents through dramatic re-enactments and their current day stories, hosted by WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler Sting .

“These are people who made bad mistakes in the past and are just looking for a decent shot at a second chance in life and society, and the Church should provide both the spiritual and practical support they need to succeed,” says Rob Price, the film’s Executive Producer and head of the Digital Media Arts Program at SAGU. “That’s what Forgiven Felons has been doing for seven years now and that’s why we did this series—to produce glory stories for God.”

Price says that the project, which has been almost 18 months in the works, was challenging for the whole DMA program but proved to be well worth it.

“This project was quite unique for me on a personal level…because I witnessed the joy of seeing a group of college students latch onto to the vision of creating a God-centric and faith-based story while at the same time sharpening the blade of their storytelling craftsmanship at a level that exceeded many of my expectations.”

Cast members of "Forgiven Felons"
Cast members of “Forgiven Felons”

“The impact of the Forgiven Felons project will be felt for years to come as students look back at how their problem-solving skills were tested and their long-term relationships were forged in the fires of production.”

In the fall of 2017, Price says that he felt God tugging at him to do a documentary as the next film for SAGU Cinema. Though the DMA program has never done a documentary-style film before, the crew worked hard to produce and create a powerful redemption story through interviews, footage of the residents, and dramatic re-enactments of their pasts.

“This series is the Gospel message in the flesh. It shows a real-life journey into the darkest places of the heart of mankind and contrasts that with how human beings can experience a complete 100% change and begin to walk in the Light from a vibrant genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.”

To view the trailer, click here .

To learn more about our Digital Media Arts program, click here .

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