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May 5, 2021 | Andrew Hurst

Waxahachie, TX

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Bible & Theology and Practical Theology departments awarded nine of their students for their outstanding performance this semester and throughout their collegiate careers at the university. A full list of the award recipients for both departments is included below.

Bible and Theology

  • Award for Excellence in Greek Studies — Donald Niccum
  • Award for Excellence in Hebrew Studies — Hunter Holmes
  • LeRoy R. Bartel Award for Biblical Studies — Hunter Holmes
  • M. Paul Brooks Award for Bible and Theology — Marissa Francis

Practical Theology

  • Award for Excellence in Child and Family Ministries — Chloe Millen
  • Award for Excellence in Child and Family Studies — Kara Dow
  • Kermit Bridges Award for Outstanding Leadership — Brittney Calhoun
  • Award for Excellence in Pastoral Leadership — Tanner Bedard
  • Award for Excellence in Preaching — Michael Southerland
  • Award for Excellence in Youth and Student Ministries — Angela Heidorn

“SAGU is known throughout the Assemblies of God as a primary resource for the development of ministers and missionaries for our movement,” said Dr. Clancy Hayes, Chair for SAGU’s Department of Practical Theology. “The award recipients from this year’s class will be a great addition to the ministerial ranks of our movement and for the expansion of the kingdom of God.”

The award ceremony is always a highlight for the College of Bible and Church Ministry. Students nominated are typically seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence and tremendous Christian character.

Dr. Hayes explains that each award from both the Bible and Theology department and Practical Theology department is unique as recipients must meet specific criteria for each award.

“I am humbled by being chosen as the Zondervan Biblical Greek Award recipient. I give all honor to God for allowing me to be used to display His power through a simple man like me. I thank Southwestern Assemblies of God University/Harrison Graduate School for the opportunity. It means a lot to me to be chosen for this honor, it shows just how far God will carry a person in pursuit of truth. The Biblical Languages Specialization program of the Master of Divinity degree has been enlightening and challenging. It has helped me to expound God’s word to any who wants to hear it. This program has been the highlight of my education.” – Donald Niccum, Award of Excellence in Greek Studies

“I had the honor of receiving the award for the most outstanding graduating student in the area of Children and Family Ministries. This award is very special to me because it is a symbol of all of the hard work that I have put towards preparing myself for the calling that God has put on my life. While taking classes with Dr. Daugherty, my passion and love for children’s ministry has grown more than I ever thought was possible. I would not have the skills and education that I do today without the support and encouragement that I received from Dr. Daugherty.” – Chloe Millen, Award for Excellence in Child and Family Ministries

“It’s no secret that the role of women in ministry is heavily debated in the church world. The Bible and Theology professors at SAGU have created a safe space for me to learn, discover, and grow for the past four years. They have affirmed my calling, encouraged me to pursue further theological studies, and helped me to believe in myself. I am honored to receive this award and am forever grateful for how the Bible and Theology department at SAGU has shaped my story.” – Marissa Francis, M. Paul Brooks Award for Bible and Theology

“I am incredibly grateful to receive these awards. It has been an honor getting to study under the faculty at SAGU. The professors are some of the finest men and women I have ever met, and I would not be where I am today without having studied under them.” – Hunter Holmes, Award for Excellence in Hebrew Studies & LeRoy R. Bartel Award for Biblical Studies

“I am so honored to have received this award. My time at SAGU was filled with many great memories due to the classes and professors that taught me so much. I will forever treasure the impact the Practical Theology Department has made on my life and carry what I have learned with me into the workplace.” – Kara Dow, Award for Excellence in Child and Family Ministries

“I am very honored to be receiving the award of Outstanding Youth and Student Ministries. I have felt called to youth ministry since I was in high school, and I feel so passionate about students and how powerful they are. Coming to SAGU it has been incredible learning about how to love and lead students and then instantly implementing all that information while still in college through my internship and leading my junior high small group. Overall, I am grateful for my time here at SAGU and I am excited to see how the Lord will use everything I have learned in order to be a part of leading the next generation to Jesus.” – Angela Heidorn, Award for Excellence in Youth and Student Ministries

“Receiving this award for Pastoral Leadership is quite humbling. I count it an honor to have been chosen for this award. Because of the anointed leadership here at SAGU, I feel exceedingly more equipped for the ministry and I am thankful the Lord sent me here for a great season of preparation.” – Tanner Bedard, Award for Excellence in Pastoral Leadership

“The Bible and Church ministries department has been my favorite part of going to SAGU. It means the world that I have gotten the award for excellence in preaching from professors who have invested so much into me. It shows the intentionality of the department to award students for their hard work. To get an award from a department I have such high respect for makes me honored to be going into ministry as a SAGU alumnus.” – Michael Southerland, Award for Excellence in Preaching

While the departments institute their awards individually, they celebrate together in the achievements of their students within the College of Bible and Church Ministries.

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