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October 14, 2016 | Andrew Hurst

As technology continues to play an instrumental role in today’s communication, Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Adjunct Professor and alumnus, Peter Piñón, has developed a counseling practice to incorporate these mediums of communication.

“Being able to do both in-office sessions and remote sessions is helpful for those who can’t make the drive and even for those who want to communicate during the day like during a lunch break to have a session,” Piñón said.

Entero Counseling Services strives to provide the appropriate therapy services for its respected clients with a physical, mental and relational approach. “Entero” comes from the Spanish word for “whole” and reflects the practice’s purpose and mission in providing holistic therapy for its clients.

Peter Piñón

The process leading up to Entero Counseling initially started when Piñón came to SAGU in 2005. Piñón felt called to provide pastoral counseling to church leaders in the area. In 2013, after receiving his master’s degree, Piñón began working at SAGU’s counseling center and teaching counseling and psychology courses. As he began to gain more experience, he realized that two barriers seemed to hinder pastors from receiving support: cost and convenience.

Therefore, Entero Counseling Services came about as a result of this need to provide affordable counseling through an accessible means: technology.

“Whereas the phone seemed like it was a cheap interaction before, it has turned into a quality means of communication,” Piñón said.

Clients can pick up their phones, laptops or tablets and speak with Piñón regardless of their location. Clients can also video conference with Piñón through an app called thera -LINK . According to Piñón, this app is also completely confidential and meets the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) requirements. Piñón is now able to reach clients throughout Texas along with those in the surrounding communities.

“The whole experience of communicating through this means is designed to resemble the same as an in-person counseling session. It’s as close as possible to being in the office with me,” Piñón said.

Entero Counseling Services has now been up and running since June of this year and Piñón is currently working with interdenominational churches and North Texas Assemblies of God district as one of their referral sources. He is also in the process of reaching out to law enforcement and business leaders.

“I am most excited about people having an opportunity to receive mental health care, and for them to be open to how it has helped in their relationships and walk in God’s will,” Piñón said.

To learn more about Entero Counseling, click here .

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