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March 25, 2020 | Gabriel Carrasco

Dallas and Celeste at SquadCon Pannel
Dallas and Celeste at the SquadCon Pannel

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) alumnus Dallas Mora and his wife Celeste, created a unique ministry to fellowship and share the gospel to a community that is often overlooked. Through ” Geek Devotions ,” Dallas and Celeste disciple members by incorporating geek pop culture items such as superhero movies, hit T.V. shows and comic books into their messages.

“This ministry has given us amazing experiences and opportunities,” said Dallas. “Being able to see people who normally feel isolated and alone, turn around and realize they are loved and cared for is amazing.”

The idea of Geek Devotions was created in 2015 when Dallas and his wife attended a local convention called “ Geek’d Con .” As everyone waited in line for the doors to open for the convention, protesters gathered outside the convention entrance doors. They began to loudly exclaim that attendees were going to hell because of their choice to engage in the “geek” culture. It was at this moment that the Moras realized that there is a disconnect between the church and the geek culture. They began trying to find a solution that eventually led to “Geek Devotions.”

Geek Devotions uploads an episode every Friday on YouTube that consists of a uniquely designed devotion to encourage and challenge people in the geek community to follow God’s truth.

Reflecting back on Geek Devotions over the past few years, Dallas was reminded of a young member who communicated to Dallas and Celeste that she was the only Christian in her family. Shortly after, she disappeared only to reappear approximately one year later informing the Moras that she had walked away from the faith and had become a Wiccan. However, the Holy Spirit had been tugging on her heart during that period and she felt comfortable speaking about it to the Moras.

“We got to walk her through some basic steps of renewing her walk with God,” said Dallas.

Dallas and Celeste at SquadCon Pannel
Dallas and Celeste delivering comic books to a local hospital

Today, Dallas and Celeste have had the opportunity to speak at different church events in Shreveport, Louisiana, and have traveled out of state. Their ministry’s influence is widespread with members of the Geek Devotions community in the United Kingdom, Philippines, and Australia.

Besides getting to minister and encourage other people, Dallas says one of the blessings of this ministry is getting to lead it together with his wife.

“Working with my bride in ministry is one of my greatest joys. She brings amazing devotions with depth and passion that often challenge me. When I’m down and can’t handle things, she lifts me up and points me back to Christ,” says Dallas. “I couldn’t ask for a better co-laborer in Christ.”

According to Dallas, the training he received at SAGU has equipped him to serve in ministry.

“Though the main portion of our ministry is the creation of devotionals. SAGU and Dr. Rosdahl (SAGU Dept. Chair of Bible and Theology) instilled a deep passion in making sure our content was theologically solid,” explains Dallas. “Dr. Magruder (Coordinator for SAGU Religion & Philosophy program) was a huge influence on how I present every message that I bring, as was Dr. Owensby (SAGU Youth & Student Ministries Coordinator), who challenged me to think differently to reach different demographics.”

Dallas hopes Geek Devotions will continue to achieve its mission by visiting more churches for special events and visiting comic conventions to host panels and pray with and encourage fellow geeks.

“Our mission is simple. Let people inside, and even outside, of Geek Culture know that they are loved and have value given to them by God.”

To check out the Geek Devotions YouTube channel, click here .

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