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June 10, 2020 | Gabriel Carrasco

New York City, NY

Life after college can be a time of uncertainty for many recent graduates. For alumna Daniela Iheanacho, she had no idea what the future would hold after she received her diploma from Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) in 2014.

“I didn’t have a job or really any idea of what I wanted to do as a career, I just had this urge to move somewhere new,” said Iheanacho.

Through diligence and faith in God’s process, she received the opportunity in 2018 to step into the role of Client Success Specialist for Indeed in New York City.

Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month.

Now, Iheanacho is accountable for various responsibilities from ensuring employers’ accounts are set up and running correctly to making sure the employers are reaching potential candidates.

“Every step that got me where I am today was through faith. It was through trusting God as I entered the workforce with almost no idea of what I wanted to do and praying I would be okay in the long run.”

Reflecting on her journey, she believes that it was her faith in the process and trust in God’s provision that has orchestrated her career.

After working two years under contract for a company, a coworker of Iheanacho referred her to the job at Indeed. In faith that this was the next step, Iheanacho applied and began her career at Indeed in 2016. Two years later, when she was offered the role of Client Success Specialist in 2018, she was excited to move across the country and live in New York City.

She states she enjoys the many aspects of her current job. One of her favorite parts is the diversity of the people she works with and her clients.

“I’ve interacted with a variety of people from different offices and departments, and for the most part, everyone is genuinely kind and interested in how they can help out, whether it’s helping clients or their teammates,” says Iheanacho.

Daniela Iheanacho receiving her diploma from SAGU President, Dr. Kermit Bridges,  during the 2014 Commencement Ceremony
Daniela Iheanacho receiving her diploma from SAGU President, Dr. Kermit Bridges,
during the 2014 Commencement Ceremony

Iheanacho credits SAGU for helping her prepare for the career she has today:

“The business department did a great job of teaching us skills that are relevant to the business world as well as advice on internships, post-college careers, and life outside of SAGU.”

During her time as a student, she served as Vice President of Student Congress for the Spring 2013 Semester, and Secretary of Student Congress for the 2013-2014 School year.

In response to advice for current SAGU students, she stresses the importance of flexibility and adaptability after graduating. “If things don’t go how you expect, it’s okay! Don’t hold on to your plans so tight.”

“I never set concrete goals for myself as far as ‘where I think I’ll be in X years’ because if I’ve learned anything in my time since SAGU, things don’t usually go as you planned and sometimes it’s for the best. If things went how I initially planned, I, for sure, would not have ended up in New York City.”

With the opportunities God has already opened up for her, she is excited to see what He has in store for her future career.

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