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Tulsa, OK

September 11, 2019 | Andrew Hurst

Within a few short years, 26-year-old, Erika Almaraz has quickly climbed the ranks to General Manager at Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma .

Urban Air is a large-scale indoor trampoline franchise that is one of the fastest-growing family entertainment centers in the world.

As General Manager of the Tulsa location, Almaraz oversees virtually all operations within the park from scheduling to coaching her staff and the management of 8 Assistant Managers.

Urban Air also hosts various community events and Almaraz recently had the opportunity to work with the Tulsa Dream Center. The Tulsa Dream Center is a faith-based community center in the heart of North Tulsa. All of its programs are strategically designed to break people out of the cycle of poverty.

“I love my job,” said Almaraz. “I’m so thankful, blessed and honored to be in this position.”

Almaraz has proven her aptitude for business management and enjoys her administrative role but she explains that it is actually her passion for people that drew her to the company. As General Manager, she has the opportunity to be a positive influence on the younger generation and her employees who are often teenagers.

“A lot of the kids that we hire don’t come from the greatest of homes and so being able to be there for them and have those conversations is great. I like that they feel comfortable to come to me as a boss but also the fulfillment of being able to sow into the communities.”

Originally a music ministry major at Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) , Almaraz had her sights set on full-time ministry.

“I knew that I wanted to be in ministry. I think it’s easy for us to visualize ministry as just preaching or traveling to a foreign country to share the gospel but I definitely see my job as my ministry.”

Tulsa Dream Center visiting the Urban Air Adventure Park in Tulsa
Tulsa Dream Center visiting the Urban Air Adventure Park in Tulsa

One of the strongest influences in Almaraz’s life is her mother, a foster parent who has helped raise more than 80 children over the years. Some of Erika’s favorite childhood memories were in the home and seeing firsthand the impact of a motherly figure in the lives of troubled youth. “That was her ministry,” she says. “I guess that’s when I realized that I don’t have to go to the other side of the world, I can do it in my own backyard. That’s when I decided to go into business.”

Almaraz now has the opportunity to sow into her community and the lives of children and teenagers similar to the way her mother has for many years.

Graduating from SAGU with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2015, Almaraz believes that her time at the university has played a critical role in preparing her for the business world.

“The business department prepared us by informing us of real-life business scenarios – scenarios where you aren’t always in a Christian atmosphere and you may be the only Christ-follower. They showed us how we can be a light in the business world.”

Almaraz’s future in business is promising and she plans to one day open her own business. In response to advice she would give to current business majors, she says, “I think often we think that right after college we are going to find the perfect job right away and live happily ever after but I think it’s important to remember that you are still learning, still growing and it takes time and patience. It takes constant prayer and asking God to direct you and lead you to the right place. Everything is in His timing.”

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