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Senior QB could set all-time yardage record on Saturday

Lions take on Texas College in Tyler at 2:00pm

golson-close-up-2012 WAXAHACHIE, Texas  — Heading into his senior year at SAGU, the man known for his elusiveness on the gridiron, Reid Golson , knew that he would be squarely in the crosshairs of every opposing defense.

The 5-foot-10 senior from Grandview, Texas, who ranked No. 18 nationally (NAIA) in total offense last fall, has been the man at the controls of the Lions’ version of the Spread Option attack.

He lines up behind the center, but almost always closer than if he were in the ‘shotgun’ position. Call it the “Pistol” formation.

According to Offensive Coordinator Frank Tristan , the key to the offense being successful is balancing the run and the pass.

The man at the controls is clear. It’s Golson, a native of West Monroe, Louisiana (97 miles east of Shreveport ), home to Duck Commander .

Yes, Reid has a beard.

“It’s called the ‘Pistol Read,’ ” says Coach Tristan. That makes Golson the trigger man.

A myriad of plays will see him take the snap and move towards a running back, who will have his arms open for Golson to transfer the pigskin into his clutches for a running play.

However, during the exchange, Golson is not looking solely at the running back. He has his eyes up field, allowing him to pull the ball away from the would-be ball carrier so that he can either run or rollout to pass.

That involves very quick decision-making.

The sleight of hand maneuver requires plenty of practice to avoid fumbles.

Mostly, its success is based on Golson’s ability to make fast reads of the defense’s reaction. The key is his ability to decide which option is best, and acting on that choice at warp speed.

Fortunately, the quarterback is as swift upstairs as his cat-quick, mercurial feet are on the move.

He is a bobblehead turned upside down; mobile and lively below, steady and unflappable above.

Even with four returning starters on the offensive line and several flyers at wide receiver, Golson and the offense have struggled at times.

Turnovers, mainly fumbles, hamstrung the unit early in the season.

Ace wide receiver Jeremy McDonald hasn’t been healthy and Trevor McKinley , the senior flanker, moved to cornerback to shore up a position that was giving up too many big plays.

Golson himself had to overcome a banged-up wheel while still racing.

The offense has begun to find its rhythm as well as its way to the end zone.

Not surprisingly, the team has won two straight and will tote a 4-4 record into Saturday’s game at Texas College .

One more win will give the Lions their most ever.

As for the ‘bearded wonder,’ he needs only eight yards to pass Ryan Smith as SAGU all-time leader in Total Offense.

“I never got to see Smith play,” Golson said this week, “but to have his record stand for a number of years is impressive.”

“I am excited about getting the record this weekend, assuming I can get eight yards, and hopefully a win to go along with it.”

“I have been blessed with the opportunity to play for three years and put up the numbers that I have.”

After starting slow, Golson is now second in the Central States Football League in total yards per game, and, with 579 yards rushing, he trails only Wayland Baptist’s Kendall Robertson .

A fearless competitor in the pivot, Golson figures prominently in SAGU’s hopes for a first-ever winning season.

He sat down recently and answered several questions:

Q: The offense has struggled to get on track this season. How do you feel about the progress the group has made?

RG : The past three games we have started to find somewhat of an offensive rhythm. We have made progress by holding on to the ball and creating long drives, especially against Wayland Baptist.

We just need to finish the drives with touchdowns and not settle for field goals.

Q: There are many weapons, including some who have developed during the season. As the QB, how does that help you?

RG: It helps a lot because you have to have confidence in who you are throwing the ball to.

Josh Goodwin is playing well right now and I also feel like I can always throw the ball to Dylan Moore and he will have a chance to come down with it.

Plus, Jeremy McDonald has the ability to create big plays.

Q: What do you see for the team as it heads into the final two games of the season?

RG : I think we have the team to beat both Texas College and Bacone . We are starting to play our best football and if we can finish drives these next two games we will definitely be in position for wins.

Q: Why did your family move to Grandview (pop. 1,575, just 34 miles south of Ft. Worth)?

RG : We moved there because it was a small town and had good school systems.

Q: Playing for the black and white Grandview Zebras in high school, what kind of football honors did you receive?

RG : I was named All-State at QB in Class 2A, the Johnson County MVP and the District 15-2A MVP.  I was also chosen the DFW Offensive MVP.

Q: What was your best season there?

RG : My best season was my senior year. We were 13-0 before losing in the playoffs. I was able to throw for 3,100 yards and run for 1,200 and totaled 50 TD’s.

Q: What was the best game you played, personally?

RG : My highest rushing game was against Boyd HS when I gained 200 and passed for another 250.

As for passing, it was against Lone Oak in the playoffs. I threw for 400 yards and had seven touchdowns, all in the first half.

This was also the game that I tore my ACL joint.

Q: What led to you transferring to SAGU after your freshman season at Howard Payne University (NCAA Division 3)?

RG : The Head Coach at HPU wanted to shift to an option style offense and I wanted to be in a spread type of offense. So I called up Coach ( Jesse ) Godding and he said he would love to have me.

Q: As a freshman, you got to play the fourth quarter of a win against SAGU. One of your first plays was a run of over 30 yards against the Lions. Do you remember it?

RG : I remember that play. It was designed off right tackle. I also remember getting a 15-yard penalty after the play too… for spinning the ball (on the ground) when I got up.

A few plays later I threw the ball to James Hopkins (who is now at SAGU) for my first college touchdown pass!

Q: Since you’ve been at SAGU, what plays come to mind as your most memorable?

RG : #1, the 80-yard touchdown run against Haskell at Homecoming last year. #2, scoring the game-winning touchdown (in the last twenty seconds) against Howard Payne as a sophomore.

#3, in overtime against Oklahoma Panhandle State last season, scoring the winning TD on a run. It was our first ever win over an NCAA D2 team.

#4,   Games against Wayland Baptist and Texas Lutheran . No specific plays, but in those two games I averaged 425 total yards.

Reid Golson BIO

Birthplace : West Monroe, Louisiana

Major : Criminal Justice

Post SAGU Career Directions : I would like to continue playing football if possible. As for a career, I want to become a police officer and then a Homicide Detective. If that doesn’t work out I want to coach football.

Hobbies : Playing video games, fishing, hanging out with family and friends

Parents : Neil and Susan Trichell

Siblings : Justin Golson (25)

Countries you’ve travelled : Only America!

Favorite Meal : Steak and potatoes.

Favorite Soft Drink : Mountain Dew.

Favorite Snack : Oreos and milk.

Favorite Pre-Game Meal : Has to be pasta.

Super Hero you’ve pretended to be : Flash, because I’m fast!

You sort of resemble Wolverine? Yeah, I like the Wolverine! Gotta go with the beard!

Contact : Mark “Link” Warde , SAGU Sports Information Director, at [email protected] or at 469-658-2847.

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