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SAGU Theater’s first production of the year, Dorothy Meets Alice, debuted in September earlier this semester.   

This comedic adventure, written by Joseph Robinette, combines two pieces of literature (films), The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, and is based on the musical by Joseph Robinette and Karl Jurman. 

The delightful show chronicles the adventures of an elementary-aged girl who procrastinates writing a book report and eventually finds herself lost somewhere between Oz and Wonderland. She meets the Cowardly Lion, the Mad Hatter, the Scarecrow, and the White Rabbit and must help them find their way home. In all the chaos of getting to their destinations, these charming characters must also avoid the villains – the Wicked Witch and the Red Queen. The plot is full of surprises and lessons learned along the way. 

Pictured Above: Dorothy, July and Alice head down the Yellow Brick Road while the Mad Hatter shares a joke with the Red Queen

This production was significant as it was SAGU’s first round of theater performances in the local elementary schools. Professor Ronnie Blount, head of the SAGU theater department, worked tirelessly along with the cast and crew to produce a show in record time- three weeks from start to finish. SAGU Senior Bryant Cox cast and directed the show – which was especially significant for him. “It feels surreal to direct a show I was once a part of in junior high,” he says. “Directing is a dream of mine, and this show and the cast members made it a dream come true,” he says. Professor Blount mentions that while some of the cast members were juniors and seniors, quite a few first-year students performed as well. The group performed in three area schools: Ovilla Christian School, McDonald Elementary in Ferris, and Wedgeworth Elementary in Waxahachie.

Pictured Above: Dorothy, The Tin Man and The Mad Hatter

The production was well-received at each school, and both children and adults alike found it entertaining. “The dialogue was funny, and the actors did such a good job,” comments Ovilla Christian School Principal Mrs. Lezlie Rozier. The SAGU students performed for a wide range of ages- Kindergarten through 5th grade. “The ending was particularly sweet,” Rozier says, “seeing the characters giving personal items for Judy’s costume and thanking her for being helpful and kind. It held the attention of the youngest kids in the audience, which is not easy!” 

For Wedgeworth Assistant Principal and SAGU alumni Laura Thompson, this event came “full circle.” Not only did the performance bring back fond memories of her time at SAGU, but also quite a bit of nostalgia as she watched her former 3rd grade student perform in the role of “The Wicked Witch.” 

Pictured Above: The Wicked Witch and The Cowardly Lion

“The play was absolutely fabulous,” Thompson says. “It was funny and captivating for our students. According to the kiddos, ‘it was the greatest play ever!’ She comments that the SAGU students greeted the elementary children after the performance and “…further cemented this amazing experience for them.”

Pictured Above: SAGU Theatre Department students interact with elementary students at local school

The SAGU Theater students thoroughly enjoyed performing as well and gained invaluable directing and acting experience from the performances. In addition, putting on these shows within the community allowed them to build and foster relationships with the school administrators, teachers, and children. 

“We are so grateful to SAGU for giving our students exposure to live theater and the arts,” says Rozier. The SAGU Theater department looks forward to casting and producing many more performances that the community will be able to enjoy in the future. 

Pictured Above: Dorothy Meets Alice cast and crew

The next performance will be “The Chopin Playoffs” in the Black Box Theatre on October 20-22, 2022 at 7pm. Tickets may be purchased at 

The unique connection SAGU has with the community allows students to plug in easily. Coupled with the careful guidance from SAGU professors, support, and mentorship, SAGU students have a unique opportunity for a Christ-centered quality education and the chance to make a difference in the community. At SAGU, we believe that God has a specific calling for each and every one of us. Through our learning community, students can be equipped with the knowledge and real-world experience to foster talents and pursue purpose.

SAGU’s College of Communication Arts offers degrees in drama, theatre and film. The Bachelors Degree in Theatre gives a well-rounded, practice-driven education in all aspects of drama and theatre. Students have the opportunity to explore acting, design, directing, management and craftsmanship.

SAGU’s College of Education also offers a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Education which provides study in subject matter’s such as play production, acting, voice and diction, script analysis, theatrical design, and more. Additionally, students will learn to design and implement theatre instruction and assessment based on state curriculum guidelines; create positive, productive classroom environments utilizing formal and informal settings; and effectively teach grades K-12 in Christian, private, or public classrooms around the world.

Both degree paths offer small, focused classes and is grounded in a holistic theatre education – covering topics in theatre history, literature, performance, and a full range of hands-on technical elements. The SAGU College of Communication Arts and College of Education offers both in-person and online classes. Interested in exploring the possbilities SAGU has to offer? Learn more about how to apply to SAGU.

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