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February 24, 2021 | Stephanie Van Wyk

Waxahachie, TX

Dr. Robert Blakney presenting before the class

Former forensic scientist and Assistant Dean of SAGU’s Graduate Studies, Dr. Rob Blakney, paid a visit to one of the university’s criminal justice courses this past January to discuss his experience working in law enforcement.

“Dr. Blakney told real-life stories that connected the theory and what they hear in class to the real-life experiences from his career,” said Bruce Stayments, Program Coordinator for SAGU’s Criminal Justice degree program.

In addition to his advanced degrees relating to the theological and biblical field, Dr. Blakney also possesses a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry enabling him to work as a forensic scientist at Northwest Regional Criminalistics Laboratory in Shreveport, LA between 1977 and 1980. The responsibilities of that job included analyzing criminal evidence such as drugs, alcohol, arson evidence, dirt, clothes, bodies, bullets, etc.

During the class, Dr. Rob Blakney shared some key insights from experience to the students explaining everything the police do at a crime scene, such as protecting the scene, identifying evidence, collecting evidence properly, and developing suspects from physical evidence. He described how all of those details help forensic scientists get a more accurate picture of what they’re analyzing.

“Dr. Rob’s crime scene evidence experiences were interesting, especially to the students desiring to enter into this field as a career!” said Bruce Stayments.

Calling upon his other giftings, Dr. Blakney encouraged students by bringing in the spiritual side of criminal justice. He explained that just as our healing God uses men to heal, and our compassionate God uses men to be compassionate, so does our just God use man to dispense justice.

“Those going into criminal justice can be used as tools in the Hand of God. Criminal Justice graduates can be used by God just as preachers, healers, and evangelists are. If they are in the Hand of God, they are in a ‘high calling.'” – Dr. Rob Blakney, Former forensic scientist and Assistant Dean of SAGU’s Graduate Studies

Professor Stayments, the rest of the Criminal Justice department, and Dr. Blakney were all pleased with how the session went.

“I was struck by the attentiveness of the class,” said Dr. Blakney. “They cared and showed it by their desire to listen and learn.”

Professor Stayments hopes they can have similar sessions with future classes.

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