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After more than a decade wait, SAGU Worship is proud to present “SAGU Worship Unplugged.” The EP, headed up by Meredith and Nathan Jones, is a compilation of three songs. The songs are “Never Be the Same,” featuring Kendrick Williams Jr., “Fix My Eyes,” featuring Meredith Jones, and “All Of My Days,” featuring Allison McGehee & Kendrick Williams. The songs were released on all major music streaming platforms and on YouTube. In the first month after publishing to YouTube, “All Of My Days” was played over 15,000 times. 

All of the songs were recorded live in SAGU’s very own Black Box Theatre. “Our goal was to capture the original songs with a simplified feel,” says SAGU Director of Worship Meredith Jones. “We used acoustic guitars, keys, bass, and a broken-down kit, so that the voices in the room could really carry the message of the songs without the music being overly produced,” she explains. 

Meredith goes on to explain that another reason this EP is significant is that multiple SAGU departments worked together to create this worship project. “One of the really exciting things about the “Unplugged” recording is that our department was able to partner with other departments on campus,” Meredith says. “This is the first time Media Services, DMA and SAGU worship have collaborated to produce something like this,” reflects Nathan. SAGU Media Services engineered the technical recording aspects of the album, while the Digital Media Arts students and faculty captured and edited the video content. Production Specialist Nathan Jones edited and mixed all of the audio and alumnus Ross Fishburn provided song production expertise. In addition to the inter-departmental collaboration, the participation of SAGU’s talented students, faculty, staff, alumni, and outside professionals was paramount in creating this worship project.

“SAGU Worship Unplugged” is one of many recording projects the Joneses have pioneered. Prior to their current positions at SAGU, Meredith and Nathan spent six and a half years as missionaries in England, where they were “musicianaries.” Meredith was the worship director at SAGU prior to their family’s tenure overseas, and they released several albums, both personal and corporate, during and prior to that time. Soon after returning to the US to lead the SAGU Worship department in late 2019, they started planning for another SAGU worship album release – then covid hit. “It felt like things were on hold in a lot of different ways,” admits Meredith. “But still, even through that time, we wanted to be intentional.” Meredith started teaching a songwriting class in the fall of 2021 and found many SAGU students on campus who had a heart for creating music.” 

In addition to teaching and working with students at SAGU, Meredith partnered with then-local worship pastor, Clayton Brooks, to help provide direction on the songs Meredith had written. These songs ended up being part of the current EP “SAGU Worship Unplugged.” 

Nathan also mentions that during a covid extension, the department applied for and received a grant through the Christian Fidelity Foundation. The grant allowed SAGU Worship to purchase new instruments, recording equipment, and microphones – all used in the recording and production of this album. 

“We heard this phrase in England,” Meredith recalls,’ Take what you love and make it how you love.’ Well, God’s given us the ability to use music to love people. So this is how we build His kingdom…this is how we share the good news.” And that is the purpose behind “SAGU Worship Unplugged” – to share the gospel with a world that is ready to hear it. “I think SAGU is a great place,” Meredith says, “I think beautiful things are happening on this campus, and I just want to tell that story. I believe there are students out there that would want to come and be a part of what God is doing here.”

A special thanks to the following SAGU students, alumni, faculty, and staff  who gave their time and talents to making this album: 


Allison McGehee

Kendrick Williams

Meredith Jones


Keyboard: Elise Becker

Bass: Stephen Valero

Acoustic guitar: Bo Alston

Acoustic guitar: Nathan Jones

Drums: Ross Fishburn


Camera operators: Harrison Schowengerdt, Tim Luna, Will Boone, Johanna Mendez, and Josiah Cardenas

Video editor: Ben Fenton

Video Production: Rob Price

Photography: Priscilla River

Audio Engineering: James Anderson, Josh Anderson, Matt Goode

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