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Nancy Lane, Content Strategist
Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU)
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SAGU Makes History: First Female Vice President for Academics is Selected

Waxahachie, Texas –SAGU recently selected its first female Vice President of Academics, Dr. Kimberly J. Trewern, to replace Dr. Paul Brooks, who plans to retire in October after more than three decades of service to the University. With a long and distinguished career in higher education, Dr. Trewern brings a wealth of experience to the role.

“Dr. Trewern’s selection has been made on the basis of talent, credentials, and accomplishments,” says SAGU President Kermit Bridges, “but it is very special that she will now become the first woman in history to serve as the Vice President for Academics at SAGU. I am more than confident in Dr. Trewern’s ability to rise to the challenge and measure up to the job description and challenges in this significant assignment.”

In her current role as Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Dean of the College of Music and Communication Arts, Dr. Trewern has been a key member of the President’s Cabinet since 2016 and part of the SAGU faculty since 2007. Her leadership philosophy is rooted in integrity, diplomacy, and direct communication. Dr. Trewern’s involvement in various University committees, such as the Strategic Planning Committee, Retention Committee, Accreditations Committee, and Academics Committee, has allowed her to be involved in many aspects of SAGU prior to her appointment as VP of Academics. 

A committed educator, Dr. Trewern has had great success teaching various English and Leadership courses spanning dual credit, distance education, and in-person formats. A student-focused leader, Dr. Trewern ensures her decisions are geared towards preparing students for further education or successful careers. Her approachable nature and creative teaching style have consistently led students to give her the highest ratings on evaluations, year after year.

Dr. Trewern’s colleagues also echo similar sentiments. Board member and Alumni Association President Rev. Greg Thurstonson says, “For years now, I have heard Dr. Trewern’s colleagues celebrate her giftedness, work ethic, and professionalism. Many students, teachers, and administrators have spoken often of her heart, ability, and character. She has truly made our SAGU family so proud, and we celebrate her.” In addition, Drs. Danny and Amy Alexander, professors at SAGU, stated, “Vice President Trewern will further heighten Biblical and prayer emphasis at SAGU.  As Dean of the College of Music and Communication Arts, she initiated a weekly prayer and devotional time for the faculty.  Dr. Trewern is truly a person of the Spirit, the Word, and Prayer.” 

Dr. Trewern’s expertise with institutional accreditation standards has resulted in the Reaffirmation of Accreditation compliance report submitted to SACSCOC on behalf of SAGU, receiving zero “Recommendations.” Dr. Trewern also served as an Accreditation Liaison and a SACSCOC Committee Chair and Evaluator for Reaffirmation and Substantive Change visits for numerous institutions as well as their multiple campuses. 

Dr. Trewern is brimming with anticipation and enthusiasm as she steps into this new role at SAGU.  “I look forward to meeting with faculty and the staff in the area of academics to give them an opportunity to share their hearts and their priorities. I am excited to work with each of them to accomplish the University’s mission and prepare each generation of new harvest workers to be effective wherever God may lead them.”

Dr. Trewern also expressed a deep appreciation for President Kermit Bridges, his integrity and stellar leadership, and to the dedicated Board of Regents, for her appointment, as well as her predecessors for their focus on pastoral leadership and prayer.

Beyond her professional duties, Dr. Trewern enjoys building bridges in the community, as evidenced by her service in local non-profit organizations, such as United Way of West Ellis County (UWWEC) and The Waxahachie Foundation.

Dr. Trewern, also recently married, enjoys spending time with husband, Mr. Jay Trewern, as well as sons Ben and Alex, and Jay’s children and grandchildren.

With Dr. Trewern at the helm of academics, SAGU looks forward to a future marked by excellence, commitment to Christian values, and nurturing servant leaders who are academically prepared, spiritually alive, emotionally balanced, socially adept, globally aware, and professionally competent.

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