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Nancy Lane, Content Strategist
Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU)
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Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Announces Retirement of Vice President Dr. Paul Brooks and President’s Executive Assistant Patricia Brooks after 30+ Years of Dedicated Service – Waxahachie, Texas – August 17, 2023

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) proudly honors the remarkable service of Vice President Dr. Paul Brooks and President’s Executive Assistant Patricia Brooks as they retire after over three decades of unwavering commitment to the Institution. Their retirement marks an era characterized by transformative leadership and a deep devotion to SAGU’s mission.

Dr. Paul Brooks joined SAGU in 1991 and quickly found his place within the University community. Reflecting on his arrival, he shares, “Three months after I came to SAGU in 1991, during a Miss Southwestern ceremony, I witnessed these education candidates speaking passionately about their calling from God. This pivotal moment affirmed my belief that SAGU was the ideal environment to integrate my faith and education. I am glad that the Lord saw fit to bring me here.” 

For the past 32 years, Dr. Brooks has held key leadership positions such as Vice President for Student Development, Vice President for Online Learning, and, in his current role, Vice President for Academics. This impressive tenure of more than three decades in administration makes him the longest-serving vice president and/or dean in the Institution’s history.

Throughout his time at SAGU, Dr. Brooks made a lasting impact on the academic landscape. His unique combination of skills and experience gave him a broad, integrated view of the University’s critical issues. Dr. Brooks facilitated the seamless integration of various departments, bridging silos and fostering collaboration across disciplines. Under his leadership, SAGU’s academic programs flourished, empowering students to fulfill their God-given potential in ministry and various occupations.

“SAGU’s education program not only targets ministry training, but training for many occupations,” Dr. Brooks notes. “These other programs are part of SAGU because SAGU’s mission is to send out trained, Spirit-filled, committed harvest workers into this world in every capacity. Our joy is imparting personal missionary vision to every student who experiences this family.” 

Patricia joined SAGU alongside her husband in 1991 and began working in the collections department under Vice President Henry Garvin. Without prior experience in that role, she successfully brought loan defaults to record lows. Patricia’s journey at SAGU led her to work in the Development Office and later, through an unexpected set of circumstances, as assistant to her father, Dr. Delmer Guynes, who was serving as the President of the University at the time. Patricia worked with her father until his retirement in 2000. When Dr. Kermit Bridges assumed the presidency of SAGU in 2000, Patricia continued as his assistant for the next 23 years. 

Photos from left to right:

Photo 1: Dr. and Mrs. Brooks with her father Dr. Delmer Guynes (President Emeritus) and brother Dr. Del Guynes, Ph.D

Photo 2: Dr. and Mrs. Brooks receiving the Honorary Alumnus award in 2013

Photo 3: Dr. and Mrs. Brooks with recipients of the Marcus Brooks Pastoral Ministries Endowed Scholarship

Photo 4: 2015 Presidents Cabinet

“My time at SAGU has been filled with many wonderful memories and great blessings,” says Patricia. “I was thrilled to be working at Southwestern when my sons came as students, and then both graduated from the University.  It was a joy to have our whole family on campus.”

Not only has SAGU been a place of employment for the Brooks, but it’s also been a place where co-workers have become like family. 

“This great family at SAGU has supported me with prayer, encouragement, and love during the years since I came, but especially in 2013 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” reflects Patricia. “The encouragement, prayers, and grace of the SAGU family helped me and my family through that difficult time.”

Patricia acknowledges God’s faithfulness throughout her journey and recognizes the opportunities He has provided at SAGU. Her commitment to excellence and professionalism in the President’s Office is second to none and will be deeply missed. 

“Paul and Patricia have been loyal friends and an encouragement to Jan and me,” President Bridges remarks. “They have been a great blessing to all of us at SAGU. Their presence will be missed, both Paul’s wise counsel and practical insight on the Cabinet, as well as Patricia’s calm and professional demeanor in the president’s office.”

Dr. and Mrs. Brooks will transition into retirement in early October, after the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year is underway.

As SAGU bids farewell to Dr. Paul Brooks and Patricia Brooks, the University community acknowledges their significant contributions and deeply appreciates their dedicated service. Their legacy will continue to inspire future generations of students, faculty, and staff as they carry forward SAGU’s mission of preparing Spirit-filled, committed individuals ready to serve in the marketplace and ministry.

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