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On Saturday, September 4, SAGU students gathered for the annual All School Fellowship and some friendly dorm competition. Though Student Congress has held similar events for many years, this is the second year to hold “Battle of the Dorms.”

“The purpose of the All School Fellowship is to promote unity and Christian fellowship among the students and faculty of the SAGU campus,” commented Student Congress President Justin James. “This year’s All School Fellowship was a huge success thanks to the hard work of the Student Congress Activities Board.”

The day included lunch, Tug-A-War, Ultimate Frisbee, Sand Volleyball, and Pyramid Races. Guynes Hall won Ultimate Frisbee, while Kendrick Hall conquered the Tug-A-War contest. Bridges Hall topped both the Pyramid Races and Sand Volleyball competitions to become the 2010 Dorm Champ and recipient of the “Battle Vac.”

Student Congress began the Battle Vac tradition to foster healthy competition among the dorms. One Battle Vac goes to the dorm that receives the most points during Battle of the Dorms. The other is awarded to the dorm that shows the most spirit throughout the event. The Battle Vac for spirit goes to Collins Hall this year. The dorms are able to display the Battle Vacs throughout the year until the next year’s Battle of the Dorms.

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